Abraham’s Pharaoh 
Monthuhotep’s II
harem was decimated by a plague: Genesis 12:17

Khnumhotep II
Joseph’s Slavemaster
Beni Hasan Tomb

1842-1798 BC
Pharaoh Amenemhet III
Pharaoh of the Great Famine & Joseph’s Canal

Avaris confirms Israel’s
Ensettlement 1821 BC
Enslavement 1729 BC
Exodus 1606 BC

Radiocarbon Dates confirm
Canaanite 15th Dynasty 
1729-1606 BC = Israel’s Enslavement & Exodus

1821 BC Father Jacob
First Hekakhasut
Beni Hasan Tomb

1821 BC Jacobs sons 
Ruben Juda Simeon Levi 
Beni Hasan Tomb

1821 BC Joseph’s brother Benjamin
Beni Hasan Tomb

Avaris 1821-1804 BC: House of the 12 Sons of Israel 

Avaris 1804-1729 BC:

Joseph’s Palace with 

12 pillars & 12 graves

1830-1750 BC: 5 Viziernames without corpse & Josephs Statue in Avaris

1830-1750 BC:

Vizierking Zamonth
Jacob’s son Joseph 

Queenmother Henut
worshipped as Iunit
Joseph’s wife Asenath

Sinai 367 Hebrew Inscription 1752 BC: Asenath’s name

1798-1726 BC
Vizier Senwosret Ankhu
Joseph’s son Ephraim 

1798-1733 BC
Thebes Vizier Senebefni 
Joseph’s son Manasse 

Canaanites were clearly distinguishable from Israelites

1710 BC Slavelist including Hebrew & Biblical names

Enwalled Hebrew Slaveworker Ghettos in Pythom = Lahun, 
in Ra‘amezes = Avaris, 
and in On = Heliopolis

1750-1714 BC
Vizier Senwosret Resseneb 

Ephraim’s son Shutelah 

1716-1666 BC
Vizier Neferkare Ayamerew = Ephraim’s grandson Refach 

1686 BC Sinai 349 Hebrew Inscription: Slavery & Infant Mass Murder

1666-1635 BC
Pharaoh Sobekhotep IV
Stepfather of Moses

Midian: The Well of Moses where he helped Jethro’s daughters

1666-1646 BC
Crown Prince Mio
Levi’s grandson Moses

Ten Plagues Pharaoh Ahmose: 10 ancient historians confirm Ahmose as Exodus Pharaoh

Hebrew Slaves
mudbrick production 
in Ahmose’s Kingdom

1606 BC Sinai 361 Hebrew Inscription: Enslaved Israel & the name Moses

Ahmose’s Storm Stela + Ashes in Avaris: Thera vulcanic eruption impacts on Egypt = 
The Ten Plagues

Tenth Plague Evidence: Pharaoh Ahmose’s firstborn son Sapair died young

1606 BC Exodus Evidence: Abrupt broken off pyramid construction due loss of complete slave workforce

Pharaoh Ahmose’s Propaganda Picture: Succesfull History Elimination Attempt

Jericho Destruction Evidence for the correct biblical time 1566 BC

Conquest of Canaan 1566-1560 BC: Destruction Evidence for Ay, Hazor, Dan, Shechem & Shilo

Evidence for Israel in Canaan 1430 BC: Berlin Pedestal of Amenhotep III confirms Judges 3:30-5:31  

1430 BC Soleb Inscription disproves Egyptian origin of monotheism: Akhenaten knew Israel & JHWH 


The Israelites were called Heqakasut by the Egyptians meaning Shepherd Kings.
They were the ones who introduced the first throw stick, the first composite recurve bow and the first upright weight loom in Egypt as we have corroborated by archeological evidence in this work; NOT the Canaanites who miss any evidence for this claim. They usurped the Egyptian title Heqakasut for themselves and its meaning became more general Rulers of Foreign Lands. This way they became the famous Canaanite Hyksos of the 15th Dynasty.

JOSEPH and his lineage - the 13th/16th/17th Dynasty - 
transformed the first scriptively evidenced chariot (Amenemhet III) into the first fast ultralightweight combat racing chariot. It evidenced by Pharaoh Ahmoses‘ depictured Hyksos Expulsion chariot. There is no evidence at all for any Canaanite Chariot beforehand. Only biblical evidence for Joseph’s Chariot received from Pharaoh. And many chariot wheels on the ground of the Yam Suph called Sea of Aquaba.

The original mission, requirement, and entitlement of Science is:


Let us compare the scientificness of eg. mathematics, technical sciences and natural sciences like chemistry with the relatively young self-called sciences Biblical History, Egyptology or Biblical Archeology; It is easy to identify a striking obvious difference in their quality regarding all the above mentioned core criterias of scientificness. History starts with the existence of writing which was biblically identified and is archeologically confirmed as the time around 3400 BC in Mesopotamia. For the time before 3400 BC Archeology instead of scriptive evidence does rule the field. A rivalry and power struggle in science between Archeology and History  dominates this field more than any objective neutral indipendant seeking for truth as we have learned in Chapter Hyksos; Archeologists like Manfred Bietak agressively defame ancient Historians like Manetho standing in rivalry to their own speculative antibiblical interpretations of their archeological discoveries.

Nowadays You have to use the words minimalists and maximalists to talk about antibiblical and probiblical archeologists. The famous House of David inscription would corroborate for a maximalist the complete biblical data regarding David’s kingship. However for a minimalist it doesn‘t even prove the existence of King David. But that is not the point. The truth is we are talking here about antibiblical archeologists who have chosen their job to disprove the Bible and about probiblical archeologist who feel called to prove the Bible. This reveals that „Secular“ or „Biblical“ Archeology never has been and never will be any neutral truthseeking independent of its outcome. Dirty enough both sides want to be considered as scientists due to their achieved titles so everybody plays along somehow. The Instruction of Hashem/ the Word of G‘d names this behavior: Hypocrisy.

The history of the scientificness of the so-called science „Biblical History“ reveals an executed turn around from building on christianity into building on a passionate antibiblically antitheistic belief system; One proving evidence is the - in the field outdated and hardly used anymore - documentary hypothesis. It was born out of the passionate attempt to develope paradigms, parameters and methods primarily targeted to the final disprovement of an ancient source which had been irrefutable up until then. The Bible. Unique as written source of history. No other written source in history unveiled and enabled more archeological discoveries than the Bible. Over 25.000 archeological sites and over 100.000 artefacts confirm, support or add to the Bible and no single one of them truly contradicts the Bible. Complete ancient towns have only been discovered because of the Bible. 70 of 84 biblical cities are found and archeologically proven. All 34 biblical deities and more than 50 biblical people are externally confirmed and proven. This makes the Hebrew Bible the most trustworthy ancient source existing. No other source has proven so many adversaries to be frauds. These frauds have been proclaiming up until today the Bible must be taken as allegory or typology and it must not be taken at its Word.

Biblical Archeology and Egyptology has never been neutral regarding this ancient time of history. It turned from probiblical into antibiblical in the mid 20th century. It is the biblically so-prophesied and evidenced end time of apostasy. In the time of Flinders Petrie excavations of biblical places were mostly lead by Christians looking for evidence confirming the Bible as a Book of History. In the time of Albright Archeologists were primarily lead by agnostic selfcalled Christians looking for evidence confirming the Bible as book of legends with some historical core. Today in the time of Israel Finkelstein Archeology is lead by often antiIsrael or antichristian adversaries of the Bible. They are using purpose-developed highly speculative hypothesises and methods in order to convince the world that the Bible is nothing but a fairy tale or a compendium of political lies - one millennium later written than it claims. 

The crucial difference between probiblical and antibiblical Archeologists is that probiblical ones don’t pretend to the world to be neutral. This Chapter will prove that one core and key metric of scientificness - neutrality - was, is, and never will be fullfilled in biblical Archeology or Egyptology. It has to be replaced by falsifiability as core criteria of scientificness for this unique source of history in order to fullfill the core mission of science: Seeking for the Truth.

The chapter Chronology unveiled that the complete history of Biblical Archeology is built on Bible Forgery. Today it is finally for the first time possible to prove or disprove if the first and only Real Biblical Chronology delivers matchings with the contemporary archeological evidence or not. Based on over 100 matchings of the Bible with Archeology in this work this chapter unveils the true neutrality, objectiveness, independence and urge of truth of today’s Leading Egyptologists and „Biblical“ Archeologists:

William F. Albright

Flinders Petrie



Whoever has read through this complete work and does know the father of Egyptology Flinders Petrie does recognize that if Petrie had access to all data of this work he naturally would have come to the same conclusion like the author. But this is already not anymore the case for the father of Biblical Archeology William Foxwell Albright. And the opposite is the case for today’s most famous representatives of modern Leading Egyptology and Biblical Archeology Manfred Bietak and Israel Finkelstein. What is the difference between these three generations of Egyptology and Biblical Archeology? The difference is there different openess, objectivity and neutrality towards nearly all ancient Bible relating writings. And it is their personal position in the history of the fall away from faith since AD 1880 in the free world. This position changed from open minded trust in never disproved sources into dogmatically biased adversary against the same never disproved sources.

As soon as the Leading Egyptologists would turn back from the Founder of Biblical Archeology William Foxwell Albright to their own Founder of Egyptology Flinders Petrie - who took every ancient never disproved source serious regarding the question if Israel was in Egypt - they would also turn back from "disproving" the ancient source Bible by falsifying it and from their biased examination and interpretation of archeological evidence
"for convenience sake"

the "true line of research in the noting and comparison of the smallest details"

And they wouldn’t be dependant anymore on their dogmatic defense of the Ramesses Time Paradigm that has bern disproved already long ago by leading scientists as "not objective and based on lack of data":

We are talking again about the by Albright manifested Bible Forgers' Ramesses Time Dogma. As a self-disproved source falsification based paradigm it is the most famous paradoxon ever

having attained rulership over two „Sciences“: Egyptology and Biblical Archeology.

As soon as Leading Biblical Archeology - today called Secular Archeology - would admit that its complete history is based on Bible falsification and meanwhile even prohibits any research according to the complete correct biblical time data, it would finally gain the chance to become serious science.

But this is impossible; As long as the for serious science necessary independence, neutrality, objectivity, and commitment to seeking for the truth is missing

  • due to leading archeologists' existential dependency on their own reputation and status built on their self-disproved dogma 
  • due to the existential dependency on a state (Egypt) that fears any excavation result confirming a past rulership of Israel over Egypt 
  • due to the missing neutrality towards the question of historicity of the Bible. This missing neutrality is evidenced by a Science which is composed of minimalists and maximalists, everyone of them fixed on their individual truth (constructivism).
  • due to the missing objectivity regarding the interpretation of archeological evidence; Every group is biased by their different antibiblical or probiblical assumptions 

A scholastic integrity-based argumentation culture is the answer for real truthseeking in this field. Thus the author tries to set the first example: By beginning and ending this work with linked lectures of the strongest most reputable adversaries (Finkelstein, Bietak) against the credibility of Biblical Israel in Egypt. And by examining and checking their archeological evidence (Ryholt, Bietak) and their interpretation of findings which is based on discarding the Bible and nearly all relating ancient writings.

„But their minds were hardened …
to this day whenever Moses is read
a veil lies over their hearts.“
‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭3‬:‭14‬-‭15‬ ‭ESV‬‬


After You've studied all evidence in this work You are invited to go out and check by Yourself in Your real life the neutrality, objectivity, independence, commitment to truth-seeking, and last but not least the knowledgeability and rationality of an average Egyptologist or Archeologist, who will be a follower of the unproven paradigms of Leading Biblical Archeology or Egyptology. You will hear more or less the following witnessed statements: 

  • "The Bible is not any  book of history and it never wanted to be understood as such, instead it is only meant as a document of "faith".  
  • "There is no evidence. Nothing ever really happened. It is pure fiction." 
  • "The Bible is a canting fairy tale."
  • "The Dating of the Exodus would need an Exodus that had taken place
  • "The Exodus, which archeologically evidenced can not have taken place at any time, is pure fiction. And it must have taken place in the 13th century, so any earlier archeological evidence is inadmissible."
  • "Israel in Egypt in the 19th to 17th century BC is impossible, that's out of the question a ridiculous attempt to falsify the only possible much later time of Israel in Egypt in order to make desperate attempts work."
  • "The stories of Joseph and Moses in Egypt are not reflecting any Egyptian realities in the described time. They are a perspectively (constructivism) written fictional picture of Egypt of the writer around 500 BC, there is no evidence at all for the Egyptian 19th to 17th century BC in it."
  • "The archeologically evidenced Hebrew & Biblical words in Egypt in the 19th to 17th century BC must be Canaanite and cannot be Hebrew, it's too early so this alleged Hebrew is as a matter of fact one Millenium later adopted Canaanite in the Hebrew language." 
  • "Asiatics in high Egyptian positions are only possible in the New Kingdom, so any Joseph ruling over Egypt before the 17th century is pure nonsense."
  • "There are no external sources existing except the Bible itself as evidence for any biblically claimed event or person."
  • "Not again this one. I don't want to go into this. It's all done regarding research. Read Israel Finkelstein."
  • "Researchers who are checking any possible matchings of the Bible with archeological evidence are suffering a fixation caused by early childhood imprint to prove their favorite fairy tale being history."

If You would like to better understand and empathize with this kind of alleged neutrality, objectivity, independence, truthseeking, and rationality the reader is invited to watch the famous 1968 movie "Planet of the Apes" (for free in limited quality on Here he can relive the late middle ages old imprint of the deep wounds of scientists in this field: Faith and thus the Bible (in contrast to any other ancient source) is seen as a social-historical phenomenon of manipulative suppression of any truthseeking by dogmatizing invented fairy tales as political lies. It has to be deeply distrusted and discarded in order to save the autonomy and freedom of science, the REAL truthseeking. And this past and projected potential future suppression have to be combated and defeated with all means in order to defend the achieved modern freedom of science. A mixture of past oriented sadness, anger and unaware fears can easily turn into hidden hate, unaware thirst for revenge, and open scornfullness. This kind of antichristian or antijewish or antibiblical scornfullness hidden behind scientific language can be empathized better when watching this passionately antireligious film. It is indoctrinating the belief that faith and the Bible are nothing else than outdated backward lies that hinder a truthseeking science. After having watched the film the reader can furthermore recognize and empathize with these hidden convictions and feelings eg. in the introduction of Finkelstein's lecture against the Books of MOSES ( The lecture is commented in the web by a viewer with the words "how on earth can anyone watch this and not realise that the Bible is written by people to suit local politics ...".

Everybody who has read through this complete work can now verify the objectivity and neutrality of the leading definition of the Hyksos eg. In the World History Encyclopedia: „… Contrary to many claims throughout the years, there is no reason to identify the Hyksos … with the Hebrew slaves from the biblical Book of Exodus … Manetho's flawed understanding of the meaning of the Hyksos' name, and Josephus’ further misinterpretation gives the translation of 'Hyksos' as 'captive shepherds,' and this complete misunderstanding has given rise in recent years to the claim that the Hyksos were a Hebrew community living in Egypt … There is no evidence, however, to support this claim. No Egyptian, nor any other culture‘s, records indicate … (any) Hyksos were slaves in Egypt, and there is absolutely no indication they were Hebrew … The ethnic origins of the Hyksos are unknown … By c. 1782 BCE, Egypt had developed as a civilization for over 2,000 years, and the possibility of a people taking their country would have been dismissed as easily as a full-scale invasion of earth by flying saucers from Mars would be by most people today …
Contrary to the claims of New Kingdom scribes, Manetho, Josephus - and even later historians of the 20th century CE -
the Second Intermediate Period was not a time of chaos and confusion, and the Hyksos did not conquer … Egypt … The Hyksos were vilified by the New Kingdom scribes to justify … (the Egyptian) wars of conquest and a new version of history was created in which the foreign invaders destroyed the temples of the gods, slaughtering the innocent and razing cities in a barbaric lust for conquest. Besides the fact that none of that happened …“

Mark, J. J. (2017, February 15). Hyksos. World History Encyclopedia. Retrieved from

"The historical saga contained in the Bible
- from Abraham's encounter with God and his journey to Canaan, to Moses' deliverance of the children of Israel out of bondage ... (is) a brilliant product of the human imagination."

"The Exodus did not happen
at the time and in the manner described in the Bible ... excavations ... have not provided even the slightest evidence."
Finkelstein 2001, The Bible Unearthed, p. 7, 63
based on the self-disproved Bible Forgers' Ramesses Time Dogma

"No period in Egyptian history matches the biblical accounts of the Exodus."
Grabbe 2014, Exodus and History pp.63-64 in Dozeman, The Book of Exodus

The Bible says

"The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise,
that they are empty vanity."

compare 1Corinthians3:20 Tehillim/Psalm94:11
Yeshaya/Isaiah47:10 Devarim/Deutoronomy32:29 Iyov/Job5:13 Tehillim/Psalm19:8 2Timothy3:15 Isaiah44:25 Matthew11:25 Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah9:22 Corinthians4:7 Devarim/Deutoronomy13:6 2Thessalonians2:3 Psalm37:14 Shmuel/1Samuel2:4

Despite the best efforts of ancient propaganda-driven pharaohs and modern, agenda-driven scholars, an amazing solid frame of Egyptian evidence for Israel in Egypt has been unveiled in this work.


Science is objective, neutral and independent. 
Science is provable and verifiable. 
Science searches for the truth.

Verification: Science is only to that extend Science that it is provable and verifiable. In Juridical terms, Science is only to that extend Science that it is a serious attempt to find out the truth. For generations the mantra of Egyptologists and leading Biblical Archeologists "There is no evidence" was preached against any Biblical Israel in Egypt. It is as a matter of fact based on a by Jericho disproved Bible falsifying hypothesis: the Ramesses Time Paradigm fixed and established by the founder of "Biblical" Archeology Albright. Thenceforth it has been misused by the same archeologists to prove the Bible to be a thousand-year younger than self-claimed written compendium of political lies (see Finkelstein lectures linked at the start and at the end of this work). Furthermore, it has been misused up until today to forbid as inadmissible any serious attempt to find out the truth through verification of Bible confirming archeological evidence in the biblically correct time. Correct time means for the first time based on the complete amount of biblical time data without changing one single time figure. This means that Science forbids as inadmissible checking archeologically the trustworthiness of the content of an ancient source; Because the source is already "disproved" by having falsified its time data. This paradoxon leads to the question if Leading Biblical Archeology and Egyptology ever delivered any provable and verifiable evidence against the Bible at all. Furthermore it leads to the question if they ever delivered any serious attempt to find out if anything really happened what the Bible says:


Objectivity: Science is only to that extend Science that it is objective, neutral and independent. The world's trust in this claimed objectivity, neutrality, and independence is the fundament of relying on the Science’s proclaimed truth. In contrast to this in Ancient Egypt the religious belief had been that Pharaoh had to lie in order to pretend a sin-free heart. This way he was able to pass on into the rewarding afterlife. Thus lying is an essential part of the ancient Egyptian religious belief system. At the same time, the truth was defined by this same worshipped highest authority the Pharaoh. Due to his hubris he had to be introduced beforehand; With extensive praise of his worshipped authority before he was willing to announce "the truth" ...

compare the introduction of Bietak versus Exodus:
compare the introduction of Finkelstein versus the Bible:
compare the introduction of Finkelstein versus Torah:

(Pollr-Hartig 2013, Bumke 1952 p.207) Arrogance of Infallibility is defined as a distance based on "inner uncertainty" and "fear of losing one's status" and it comes before the fall (Sirach10:14, Proverbs16:18)




1. All leading "Biblical" Archeologists and relevant Egyptologists are with all their reputation and income depending existentially on their unproven paradigmatic hypotheses against the Bible.
2. Regarding permissions of excavations the state of Egypt naturally rejects supporting any excavation work in Egypt leading to any results that allow the assumption of any rulership of Israel over Egypt.
3. In Israel Ernst Sellin was withdrawn by Leading "Biblical" Archeologists from his excavation site in Sichem; He had verified  Sichem's destruction, it took evidenced place in the strictly biblical time around 1550 BC. He had also discovered Joshua's biblical covenant stone of Joshua24:26. He was withdrawn because he publicly trusted more the biblical account than the ruling by Jericho disproved Bible Forgers' Ramesses Time Paradigm.



Projection is a phenomenon defined by Psychology; It is a defense mechanism in which somebody attributes to others his own unacceptable or unwanted attributes, thoughts, or emotions. For example liars tend to convince themselves that all others are also liars. Nearly all topic related ancient writings are confirming the Exodus of Israel in the time of the Hyksos Expulsion. And Manetho identifies the 16th and 17th Dynasty Pharaohs clearly as Hebrew Shepherd Kings/ Hyksos. But all these themsources are discarded as claimed "textual corruptions" by Leading Archeologists like Bietak. They are existentially (regarding their reputation-induced status and wealth) dependant on their fame to be allegedly the ones who have a) unveiled the true identity of Israelites as original Canaanites (compare eg. linked Finkelstein lectures) or b) unveiled the true identity of ALL Hyksos as Canaanites (compare linked Bietak lectures). Bietak (Chapter Hyksos) defames Manetho’s Hyksos Invasion even as „apocryphal“. This way his own dogmatic antibiblical faith in the self-disproved Bible forgery based Ramesses Time Dogma is verified. The question is did they all rather remove or rather thicken the veil of speculative chaos on ancient history? And do all Bible relating ancient scriptures defamed as textual corruptions last but not least the Bible itself rather remove or rather thicken the veil on history?



Science is objective, neutral and independent. 
Science is provable and verifiable. 
Science searches for the truth.

"Prove all things, hold fast that which is good."

This work had to first follow the helpless godless chaos of scientific guesswork in order to then again dissolve it. Thus Chapter Joseph is several times mirroring and revealing the detection process instead of following the straight historical timeline and thus it sometimes has to jump back or forward. The aim was to let the reader realize in which way the chaos was dissolved. This dissolved chaos is enframed by clear order and structure of precise Chronologies and Genealogies at the beginning and at the end of every single Chapter. This work does not yet fulfill all formal requirements eg. a perfectly comprehensive footnotes register. However it already enables the reader to objectively examine the essential archeologically evidenced Bible confirming conclusions and compare them with previous antibiblical research conclusions. This is done by offering to the reader in the beginning and at the end of this work the most relevant lectures of the most leading archeologists against the historicity of Israel in Egypt. The reader can compare now the hardness of the archeological evidence of this work with the hardest archeological evidence of Finkelstein and Bietak (see lecture links above) for the complete biblical time frame of Israel in Egypt. It is based on the essential research results of the leading egyptologist of this time period Kim Ryholt. Having studied this complete work the reader is enabled now to realize that neither Egyptology nor Leading Biblical Archeology ever really explored the archeological evidence of any biblical event in the biblical correct time and place regarding the time of Israel in Egypt; 

The entire Egyptian history of the Second Intermediate Period
has to be rewritten completely.
By the Bible.

Science is objective, neutral and independent. 
Science is provable and verifiable. 
Science searches for the truth.


As You can see the founder of Biblical Archeology - who claimed as proved a time for the Exodus over 300 years later than the Bible states - has been disproved through the missing of any essential evidence for this time. However instead of clarifying that the falsified biblical chronology had been disproved - from then on up until today leading Biblical Archeologists and Egyptologists fixed the by Jericho disproved Ramesses Time Hypothesis as an undisputable Paradigm in order to 

a) misuse it for claiming to have disproved the Bible 

b) surpress further research in any correct biblical times 

c) silence resulting new discussions about the most passionately rejected or supported ancient source in history - the Bible. 

This worldwide accepted paradox logic has grown up into even more chaotic and complex behavioral patterns. On the openly antibiblical and the same time self-acclaimed neutral scientific side not just all the biblical historicity confirming ancient writings were redefined as per se inadmissible sources; Even Bible corroborating archeological evidence of the Second Intermediate Period of Egyptian History like the Ahmose Storm Stela and the Iypuwer Papyrus has been devaluated into historically irrelevant symbolistic poetry through.
On the probiblical side we have mainly the 13th century and the 15th century Exodus lobby: Both of them are ignoring and changing a large amount of biblical time data. Both grew up on the fundament of beginning Biblical Archeology: The biblical time data essentially falsifying and ignoring Ramesses Time Paradigm. Thus they are imprinted by the up until today ruling prejudice of a more or less untrustworthiness of the biblical content and time data. For example members of the 15th century Exodus dating lobby invested in an investigative project trying to disprove the Radio Carbon Results confirming the strictly biblical time ('1620-1600' BC) of the Ten Plagues causing Santorini Eruption. Finally they were not able to disprove them. The Radio Carbon Results of the Santorini Eruption impacts on Egypt together with the Strict Bible Chronology enforce the correction of the official Chronology of the Second Intermediate Period/ the elimination of about 75 non-existing non evidenced years in the Egyptian Chronology. The Early Exodus Dating Lobby supported examination team tried to throw as many doubts as possible onto the radiocarbon result in order to reconfirm theit Early Date Theory for the Exodus (1). That way specific pro-biblical paradigms followers help leading adversaries against the trustworthiness of the Bible by creating even more contradictoriness, chaos, and confusion. As a matter if fact this kind of contradictoriness finally turns out to be the fundament of the History of Biblical Archeology from its very beginning on.


Independence: This work may be most challenging for nearly all believers who earn their income by somehow archeologically proving the Bible. Nearly all of them are fully integrated into lobby groups who defend one or another certain dating theory ignoring or changing biblical time data and they can lose their complete built-up reputation, respect, or even income if they give up their favorite dating theory and turn back to the Word. They have to take into consideration that no court on earth only takes jury members that promise not to take a self-claimed eye-witness report "literally" in order to find out the truth. And if You've really once read completely through the entire Bible You know for sure that it claims to be a sum of eye-whiteness reports and nothing else, confirmed by Moses and the Prophets and for the Christians even by Jesus himself. So after having studied this work You are able to realize that in fact no single sentence of the Bible about Israel in Egypt ever has been disproved at all. And now it's up to the reading Late or Early Dating devotee if he decides to stop "proving" the Word by allegedly "disproving" the Word at other places in the Bible like eg. "some" biblical to be ignored or changed time data - only because everybody in this field has been doing this throughout the history of Biblical Archeology from the very beginning on. Because he is able to realize now that he is then indirectly just one of all the 'Albrights' who enabled all the 'Finkelsteins' to take over the rulership of the scenery and that he has then just become one of all the unintended ‘stirrup holders’ and ‚red carpet layers‘ for all the leading Adversaries of the Word and their achieved worldwide fallaway from faith and the name of the stirrup or carpet is Bible Falsification. Please see in that regardless of any new evidence you will never gain the acceptance of Leading “Biblical“ Archeology and Egyptology because they have become antibiblical Pseudosciences. Bible Forgers proving the Bible is a paradoxon and cannot be HIS will because falsification is the role of HIS adversary who was liar from the beginning - but the TRUTH will set You free (John8:32.44). As already revealed at the very beginning of this work biblical 594 years between King Salomos 4th reign year of building the Temple and the Exodus as the exact sum of all time figures in 2Kings2:11, 2Chron9:30, Judges3:8, 3:11, 3:14, 3:30, 4:3, 5:31, 6:1, 8:28, 9:22, 10:2, 10:3, 10:8, 12:7, 12:9, 12:11, 12:14, 13:1, 1Samuel4:18, 7:2, Judges11:26, Numbers21, Joshua14:7-10, Numbers9:1 and Acts13:18 together do by no means contradict the famous 480 years of theocracy in 1Kings6:1; The g'dless 114 years of foreign rule in the Bible's Book of Judges turn out to be exactly the 114 years omitted in the 480 years of 1Kings6:1 to add up to the biblical evidenced sum of 594 years. Nearly all ancient relating writers evidenced knew this back then. You are called to escape out of the biggest scandal in the History of Science. Leave their false paradigms behind and finally start really digging for the truth instead of for falsified Bible Chronologies. Because you will never and can not win 'their game'!


Neutrality: It is 'their game' of „proved neutrality" - through built in - by this complete work unveiled as - unproven anti-biblical paradigms in psychological reflection hypotheses, in the textual, source, form, literary, redactional, rhetorical, canonical, or narrative criticism, the historical-critical method, and last but not least the documentary hypothesis; Umberto Cassuto, also known as Moshe David Cassuto as Jewish Italian historian and biblical scholar of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem disproved the documentary hypothesis: According to Cassuto, each of the five pillars of the documentary hypothesis crumbles to dust when approached more closely and touched (The Documentary Hypothesis and the Composition of the Pentateuch. Umberto Cassuto, Joshua Berman, Israel Abrahams. Shalem Press, 2006, p. 49). Biblical Scholar Peter Gentry confirms this theory being a disproved fundamentalistic dogma dominating Leading antibiblical „Biblical Archeology“ and having occupied the Zeitgeist of Theology. Nearly all the mentioned methods had been exclusively invented as attempts to finally "disprove" one single selected ancient source - the Bible - evidenced not disprovable with all the original serious scientific analysis methods; They all have been exclusively invented in adversary against the credibility of the Bible and are thus by no means any neutral or objective. 

As already explained in this work the reader can investigate both sides of Biblical Archeological, not only the probiblical one but also the leading antibiblical one:
80% of the fundament of Israel Finkelstein's "disproval" of the historicity of the stories of the Patriarchs, of the Exodus and of the Conquest of Canaan are recited and self-created highly speculative antibiblical psychological reflection hypotheses proving nothing at all; Finkelstein claims the biblical history of the second millennium BC is mirroring the biblical history of the first millennium BC and thus is a compendium of political lies to justify contemporary politics. He is only focussing on similarities and is dropping the differences and then draws unreasonable connections. You can make anything work by cherry-picking correlations and then assuming there must be a causal link. But correlation is not causation. The point is You can meet parallels in everything if that is what You’re looking for. The only archeological „evidence“ delivered by him is the missing! of yet non-discovered four millenia old bones of camels in the Sinai desert from eg. the biblical time of Joseph's enslavement. The collapse of the walls of Jericho and its destruction by fire in the strictly biblically matching time around 1550 BC (see the end of the Chronology in Chapter Chronology) is as a matter of fact disproving the Bible Forgers' Ramesses Time Dogma but it is infamously misused to claim the Bible would have been allegedly disproved. And that has paradoxically turned out to be sufficient evidence to make most of the world believe the Bible is nothing more than a myth up until today. The missing evidence of camel bones in a small southern region of Israel says nothing about anywhere else in Israel, particularly the areas where the Bible claims the patriarchs had camels; Abraham, Jacob and Joseph’s enslavers did not get their camels from Canaan but from Syria, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, where domesticated camels are well-attested.

(Bryant Wood, “Camels in Genesis are Right Where They Belong,” Associates for Biblical Research, March 15, 2022). Like after his „Jericho revelation“ Finkelstein‘s dubious higly speculative antibiblical wicked delusory hypotheses gave rise to a number of hysterical headlines claiming the Bible had been disproved once and for all. It is indisputably obvious that to achieve the world’s historical fame to be the one who disproved the Bible is the passionate life goal of Israel Finkelstein and he is existentially dependant on the maintenance of his deceptions. These „arguments from silence“ can be destroyed by a single discovery as You can see in this work. The Associates of Biblical Research in their Youtube Digging for Truth Episode 141 additionally debunk Israel Finkelstein’s  desinformation regarding Camel Bones in the Near East supported by Donald Redford‘s claim Camels do not appear as domestic biests of burden until the 9th century BC. This is easily disproved by archeological evidence:

a) Petroglyphs of the late 3rd or early 2nd Mill BC depict a man together with his camel

b) A Bactrian Camel statue of the same time depicts a Camel with a harness.

c) Titus Kennedy delivers a list of a huge variety of archeological evidence disproving that antibiblical hypothesis: “Bones, hairs, wall paintings, midels, inscriptions, seals, documents, statues, and stelae from numerous archeological sites all suggest the camel in use as a domestic animal in the ancient near east as early as the 3rd millennium BC” (Titus Kennedy).

So does Archaeology support the Bible? The answer is a tremendous amount of archeological evidence strikingly corroborates the Bibel but modern Archeologists and their highly speculative biased antibiblical interpretations certainly don’t.


All in all this kind of a huge bunch of so-called "neutrality" ensuring methods primarily enabled such worldwide long-lasting stability of a contradictoriness phenomenon like the Bible Forgers' self disproved Ramesses Time Dogma which is successfully sold and taken for the most 'neutral', 'objective', 'independent', 'best proved' and 'accepted' relating 'truth' of the world regarding the time of Israel in Egypt. It even has become the dogmatic fundament for Leading 'Science' to prohibit as 'pseudo-scientific' and 'inadmissible' any revelation of matchings of the biblical account in the strict pure biblical time with contemporary archeological evidence. 

This dogmatic anti-biblical oppression of the search for truth turns out to be an inverted mirror of the dogmatic anti-scientific oppression by the church in the middle ages which has emotionally left its mark on Leading Science in this field. This leads to the question if this emotionally painful historical mark on Science and the intellectually sophisticated seducement to "turn the tables" had an essential impact against the capability of leading scientists to deliver the necessary neutrality, objectivity, and independence for an uncorrupted search for the truth ensuring any real serious Science; The Egyptians in 1606 BC archeologically evidenced DID "turn the tables" in their historical reports after the Foreign Rulerships ended. They initiated the beginning of this historical confusion - the Hyksos Israel Controversy - lasting for millennia, renewed and strengthened by the leading authorities of historical 'truth' in this field at the end of time:


Objectivity: Since its existence, the biblical stories of Israel in Egypt state to be written as eyewitness reports by Moses 1606 BC at Mount Horeb in Midian. The history of all leading "scientists" who tried to disprove the Bible was shocked for the first time three generations ago when Qumram proved their defamations - the Bible would be a compendium of falsifications of the first millennium AD - wrong. Their reaction on Qumran was instead of giving up their antibiblical paradigms from then on trying even harder to prove that the Bible is now a compendium of political lies of the first millennium BC. Many additional new analysis methods were developed with inner unproven paradigms uniquely against the Bible devaluating and dismissing pro-biblical evidence and "strengthening" weak "evidence" against the Bible. Nearly all ancient relating writings have been defamed as textual corruptions without proving evidence. Even the definitions of objectiveness, neutrality, and independence as core elements of Science were manipulated into antibiblical ones with new analysis methods. Whenever You read since then a headline including "the truth" about any biblical story You definitely read an article claiming to have disproved biblical content without any disproving evidence and the amount exploded into millions this generation. And by the Zeitgeist of Constructivism, even finding out the truth itself as the core task of Science has been distorted into the question of most supported "perspectives" on the Bible, which are successfully achieved to be antibiblical in these last times of the biblically prophecized falling away from faith and winning antitheism. Today the by new paradigms-based method standards redefined 'objectivity' and 'neutrality' of "Biblical" Archeology or "History" is only conceded in the case of proven critical opposition to the trustworthiness of the Word and is denied in any case of revealing archeological evidence supporting its trustworthiness;

Apologetic as a term is used today for any defense of an ideology, a philosophy or a religious belief. The antibiblical ideology dominating Leading “Biblical” Archeology and relating Egyptology as leading Zeitgeist Apologetic is “scientifically” defined and defended today as the true “neutrality” and “objectiveness”. Thus because of this epilogue this complete work has already been discarded as not worth to be read and proved at all with the rethorical argumentation “I am scientist, I don’t read apologetics, they are neither neutral nor objective and thus irrelevant for a serious scientist like me.”


Opportunism: Opportunism is the practice of taking selfish advantage of circumstances by expedient actions to exploit opportunities like eg. distractions of opponents guided primarily by self-interested motives with little regard for ethical principles or consequences for others - so it's a special form of egoism of adversaries (compare e.g. Donald L. Luskin, "Newt's Bain Opportunism is Mitt's Opportunity, Wall Street Journal 17Jan 2012). For example, Orly Goldwasser, expert for the history of the Alphabet, calls checking, verifying, or proving matchings of the archeological evidenced oldest Alphabet in Egypt in the biblical time of Joseph with the Hebrew script "sad misleading Opportunism" in her interview with Tim Mahoney in his documentary The Moses Controversy on This teaching represents the same paradigm regarding any attempt to find archeological evidence for the Bible - ruling the entire Leading "Biblical" Archeology and Egyptology: As with all these antibiblical paradigms of Leading "Biblical" Archeology and Egyptology, the nucleus of an upcoming new special paradigm turns out to be a weak affair like all the others: It is the announcement of Manfred Bietak that the HekaShasut of the 12th and 13th Dynasty "may be called for convenience sake Canaanites" (Manfred Bietak 2016 "The Egyptian community in Avaris during the Hyksos period" - Egypt and the Levant, pp. 267-268). This "calling for convenience sake" distraction is not a unique phenomenon - there is a method to it: Calling the early Hekashasut without any proving evidence for convenience sake "Canaanites" is distracting from the fact that also the Israelites came from Canaan and show strikingly more similar attributes. Or calling Israel, the former Canaan, for convenience sake the "Levante". It is an anachronistic outdated back then politically motivated name for Israel, as well as the Egyptologists' preferred name for Israel - Palestine:


Palestine is derived from "Philistine" meaning Israel, renamed after their expulsion by the Romans according to their arch enemies the Philistines who occupied Israel in the 13th to 12th century BC. Thus the function of the name Palestine is since two millennia to distract from the fact that we are talking about the original Land of Israel: Its goal is to steal Israel its identity and right to exist. (Footnote: The Palestinians are the world‘s only people who cannot pronounce in their mother tongue their own name: Because of being originally Arabs who occupied the country a millennium earlier, they cannot pronounce a P and thus call themselves Fellastinians and the country "Fellastine" instead of Palestine.)


Calling the Semites in Egypt for convenience sake "Asiatics" is distracting from the fact that we are possibly talking about the Israelites, who were also Semites from Canaan. Defending by this indirectly their self disproved Bible Forger's Ramesses Time Dogma, You shall not talk about Semites from Canaan but only about "Asiatics from the Levante for convenience sake called Canaanites"; A formulation like "near eastern foreigners from Canaan" would normally be understood as generally neutral, but millions of laypeople still would be able to guess the possibility of Israelites being these people. Thus to safely ensure "scientific neutrality and objectivity" You have to create names like 'Levante' and 'Asiatics' so that the whole world of clueless laypeople reading in their contemporary ruling source of 'truth' - Wikipedia - keeps in mind any people from an unknown Asiatic land between Cairo and Peking ... 

To sum it up: Egyptologists - dependant in their excavation interpretations on the excavating permission of an anti-Israelian and anti-Christian administration of Egypt - are distracting from every possibility of any Israel in Egypt by even textual corruption up into the depths of hieroglyphic translations - Aamu and Retjenu must both be translated as 'Asiatics' - and deny the word Israel calling it Palestine wherever possible; Antitheistically calling the Bible a compendium of political lies of the first millennium BC is clear evidence for a political and deeply spiritual adversary against Israel, Judaism, Christianity, and the G'd of the Bible which is altogether sold to the world as "independent scientific neutrality and objectivity".


Science is objective, neutral, and independent. 
Science is provable and verifiable. 
Science searches for the truth.

In the end the reader is invited to remember the beginning of this work, which started in Chapter Chronology with:

"The question is none less than
does archeological evidence prove
the Bible is a compendium of political lies
does the archeologically confirmed Bible
reveal Leading Science's claims to be a compendium of errors?" 

After having examined this entire work You are invited 
to answer Yourself the same question even more precisely:

Has Leading Biblical Archeology and has Egyptology 
as a neutral, objective, and independent Science 
made things provable and verifiable in order to search for the truth 
and has it that way proved the Bible is a compendium of political lies?


Does the Bible turn out to be a trustworthy eyewitness report
and by archeological evidence confirmed History Book
and does it reveal that leading scientists‘ claims and their created ‚
alternative‘ history
(of Israelites as one millennium younger descendants of Canaanites) 

are a compendium of political lies?  


Pseudoscientific methods based on the fundament 
of unproven prejudice-laden antibiblical dogmata 
and countless Bible falsifications, circular reasoning, 
and the discarding and defamation as corrupted of nearly all
ancient relating sources without ever having disproved one 
have made the history of Leading "Biblical" Archeology 
becoming the biggest science scandal of history 
revealed by the Bible as Word of G'd at the end of time.

The Egyptology of the Second Intermediate Period 
turns out to be the proving evidence 
for the clueless helplessness of Leading Egyptologists 
who in contrast to their father of Egyptology Flinders Petri dogmatically ignore and discard 
the most helpful ancient contemporary witness sources 
misguided by their Zeitgeist induced 
antibiblical antitheistic belief system.

Both self-called 'Sciences' Biblical Archeology and Egyptology reveal themself as confused clueless Pseudosciences 
regarding the time of Israel in Egypt 1821-1606 BC 
increasing its confusion with each generation.

In the last 100 years, Biblical Archeology and Egyptology have turned into a spiritual battlefield and (dis)information war.
Leading Egyptology and Biblical Archeology 
have transformed into Antibiblical Archeology.

"Chronology is fundamental to everything 

because without knowing the Chronology you can't progress."

Israel Finkelstein
Leading Antibiblical Archeologist

The truth is his Bible Forgers' by Jericho self-disproved Ramesses Time Dogma suppresses any progress or way out of the clueless confusion of „Biblical“ Archeology and is needed by Israel Finkelstein to defame the Bible as compendium of political lies.

"Chronology does not allow archeological evidence“
of any Israel in Egypt in the 12th to 17th Dynasty,
the biblical time of Israel in Egypt. Thus
„Chronology does not allow archeological evidence“
in Avaris, abandoned at the end of the 17th Dynasty.

Manfred Bietak
Leading Archeologist against any Israel in Egypt,
especially in Avaris, his excavation site.

The truth is not his misused Bible Forgers' by Jericho disproved Ramesses Time Dogma but his lifelong excavation permission of the Egyptian Administration for Avaris does not allow archeological evidence confirming any Israel in Egypt. That’s the main reason for his cancellation of his original calling the Early Semites of Avaris Proto-"Israelites" and his now proclaiming them as „Canaanites“ without any proving evidence in order to defame his ancient competitor historians Manetho’s and Josephus‘ integrity.

Brilliant Archeologists - in their hubris considering themselves brilliant Historians - are dangerous: They try to get greater than their ancient competitors by defaming their integrity. They have the potential to lead the whole world astray.

Leading Biblical Archeology
is built on Bible forgery-induced falsified Chronologies.

Today's lobbyisms like Biblical minimalism and maximalism
are built on Bible forgery-induced falsified Chronologies.

The Late and Early Exodus Date Theories
are built on Bible forgery-induced falsified Chronologies.

The whole confusion in Biblical Archeology
is built on Bible forgery-induced falsified Chronologies.

The main reason for the confusion and clueless guesswork regarding the "Dark" Second Egyptian Intermediate Period
is caused by discarding all Bible relating ancient writings
and is built on a Bible forgery-induced falsified Chronology.

The entire history of Biblical Archeology
is built on Bible forgery-induced falsified Chronologies.

Adversaries of the Word are only able to
the Bible's History of Israel in Egypt

by falsifying fundamentally the complete Biblical Chronology
by over three centuries
by falsifying fundamentally the complete Egyptian Chronology
of the time when Israel was in Egypt
- the complete Second Intermediate Period -
by nearly a century
by turning these falsifications into non-evidenced invented
"scientific" dogmas convincing the world.

And that is exactly what evidenced happened at the end of time
- the time of the evidenced falling away
from faith (2Thess2:3) -
in the passed last century.

The Words of the Bible are the Words of G'd:

"But everyone who heart these words of mine
and does not act on them
will be like a stupid man

who built his house on sand.
The rain fell, the rivers flooded,
the wind blew and beat against that house,
and it collapsed -
and its collapse was horrendous!"


The burned peak of 
Mount Horeb in Midian Arabia 
- the REAL Mount Sinai -
Enjoy the tremendous amount of archaeological evidence confirming the biblical  Mountain of G‘d:


As if these facettes of adversary against the Word would not cause enough complexity and confusion yet, there are even more and more antibiblical paradigms taking over the rulership step by step in the relating Sciences, in Academic Christianity and Judaism and finally in the common world's mind ...

Constructivism: The existence of THE truth is being abolished. Today the number of different - even opposite - 'truths' is dependant on the number of the different perspectives and opinions which prevail or not. Even to claim to search for THE truth can make You suspicious in the modernistic 'Sciences', because it already sounds too "fundamentalistic" and thus not "objective". The original sense and core task of a Science to find out THE truth becomes an object of relativization: It is replaced by constructivist antibiblical methods and paradigms changing with time, fashion, and the actual ruling Zeitgeist. Examples of the resulting confusion ruling the scenery are several debates initiated by "Early Exodus Daters" and founders of biblical archeology forum groups in the web where I started to post results of my work: The very first accusation often made was that I would try to date the time of Israel in Egypt into a century where I have discovered anything interesting with some attributes reminding me of eg. biblical Joseph: This is an accusation they are themselves confronted with by anti-biblical and pro-biblical "Late Exodus Daters" who the same way ignore and falsify relevant biblical time data in order to their dating theory fit somehow. This accusation is psychologically called projection and does show in how far constructivism does already rule the scenery: It's not about finding out the truth anymore - it is about defending or attacking different dating lobbyism with no matter if true arguments as long as they are formulated by any "objective, scientific" method and as long as they don't challenge actual ruling antibiblical Zeitgeist paradigms in the field. Denying to firstly check deeply the first and only unfalsified Strict Bible Chronology before insisting on biased accusations was a second remarkable reaction. Denying to first examine and prove my entire Bible confirming archeological evidence before disputing it was the third remarkable debating behavior. This is a cultural phenomenon between all biblical time data ignoring and falsifying lobby groups in "Biblical" Archeology and You can imagine how much learning and progress takes place between these controversial groups in this scenery: It more reminds to the amount of inter-confessional learning between different Jewish or Christian confessional groups than to any scientific interdisciplinary exchange and learning of today. A thick Veil of Confusion is ruling these 'Sciences' and since the beginning of History of Biblical Archeology, as matter of fact, nobody in the field took all biblical time figures and all ancient relating writings serious enough to rediscover the only unfalsified millennia-old Strict Bible Chronology and unveil its tremendous amount of confirming archeological evidence: The Zeitgeist has not been allowing since over a century now to take these ancient sources as serious as necessary to find Israel in Egypt and Leading "Biblical" Archeology and Egyptology has always been a slave of the transitory current ruling Zeitgeist (1Corintians2:12).


Artificial Pseudo-Dualismus: Another Zeitgeist phenomenon is the increasing of Dualistic thinking. Dualistic thinking can force You to make a decision between two pseudo-contradicting options and to believe one is true and the other is not. The Biblical criticism with its methods constructed by external antichristian adversaries of the Bible has successfully found its way into Christianity. "This is only meant symbolically": One example for pseudo-dualisms is enforcing a belief decision between the belief that something really happened what the Bible says and the belief that it has a symbolic meaning revealing a deeper truth. This pseudo-either-or thinking construct misleads into an increasing fall away from faith regarding more and more biblical occurrences because every biblical occurrence bears also a deeper symbolic meaning and truth in it. Examples are modern Zeitgeist belief statements like "Whether it is true if it happened or not, it stays to be true for me. So it doesn't matter if anything in the Bible really happened." or "My faith is stronger, it is independent of any historicity of biblical stories." or "If a faith is dependant on if a biblical occurrence really happened then it is a weak faith - A strong faith is independent of this question." or "Believing any miracle in the Bible having really happened as described is a children's faith. Grown-up faith is only centered in the deeper symbolic truth and independent of the question if anything really happened." This would lead to the conclusion that the martyrs in the first centuries died for a childish naive weak false faith or that these martyrs had secretely today's modern Zeitgeist "grown-up" faith only believing in deeper symbolic meanings but not in the scriptures as trustworthy eyewitness reports of things that really happened. The reader will easily realize that this modernistic kind of belief in the first centuries or in the last time gives an ideal excuse for sacrificing as a Christian in front of a ruler or wearing his mark confirming him as a g'd because this sacrifice or mark would have no real symbolic truth for him and only his belief in deeper inner symbolic meanings does matter. You see these pseudo-dualistic belief decisions totally destroy a faith You would risk Your life for. It wouldn't count anymore if MOSES or our Lord really once said or even did do anything that the Bible tells us - what matters only is meanwhile its inner deeper symbolic truth. Artificial Pseudo-Dualisms as a modern Zeitgeist phenomenon is creeping deeply into modern Christianity and has become a strong driver of falling away from the faith for mankind at the end of time. This development is nothing less than the modern Zeitgeist-driven theological reaction on all 'scientific' Bible "disproving" hypothesizes of the last generations. Antibiblical Archeologists and Egyptologists know and certainly welcome this development and use it for their devaluation of pro-biblical Archeologists: "The Bible is like the story of the Little Prince - a fairy tale with deep important truths in it. It never was meant as a book of historical eyewitnessed events. Instead, it always was solely meant as a book of "Faith" (meant as superstition). The belief that the stories of the Book of Exodus really happened is a childhood imprinted wish belief and was never meant to be understood that way." On the same site Leading "Biblical" Archeologists claim to have proved the Jewish Bible being mainly a compendium of political lies written one complete millennium later than it claims; These obvious paradox contradictions are no problem for Egyptologists or Antibiblical Archeologists, they easily co-exist.

Artificial Pseudo-Dualisms.

The author could go on and on this way but the readers will have realized now what is going on in this field.


"Test the spirits to see whether they are from God"

For the Christians: Paul stated in the year 53 AD (1Corinthians15:6) "afterward the resurrection the Messiah Melech HaMoshiach appeared to more than 500 at one time, most of whom are still alive"; thus they could be verified as eyewitnesses that time and Paul stated that the Messiah won't return before "there come a fall away (from faith) first" 2Thessalonians2:3. He relates here on Jesus himself havin prophezised the fall away (from faith) before his return (Matthew24:10 NIV, ESV, Catholic Bible, Allioli Bible). And Jesus himself  confirms that Moses wrote his books John5:47 and the Jewish believers always knew that Joshua wrote the end about Moses‘ death while today the most favorite mentioned "neutral, objective" argument of theologians(!) against Moses' authorship is that Moses can't have written about his own death ...

For our elder brothers the Jewish Believers who have already been convinced by Science that Moses authorship is disproved: The Bible claims ADONAI the LORD said to Moshe "Write this in a book to be remembered" Exodus17:14 and to the people of Israel "write them (the mitzvot) on the door-frames of your house and on your gates" Deutoronium6:9,11:20.

If You believe this really happened and feel safe and secure with Your faith in Your community then check critically and ask Your spiritual leader if he believes that Moses wrote his books or if he claims that it is a proven fact that they were originally written one millennium later around 500 BC ... 

The Bible Forger's self-disproved Ramesses Time Dogma is one of the main reasons why most Jewish and Christian confessions have adopted the unproven antibiblical paradigm that the Bible cannot be a History Book of written down eyewitness reports but must have been originally written in around 500 BC instead of one millennium earlier regarding the Books of Moses. They for example don’t know that the Bible was evidenced easily and most plausibly written by Moses himself in Hebrew with an only in Egypt 3800 years ago for only about two centuries existing first original alphabet easy writable and archeologically evidenced with uniquely Hebrew words and even Biblical events and names discovered by Flinders Petri and deciphered by Douglas Petrovich. For over 3500 years the Jews and later also the Christians had been believing in the Bible as a reliable History Book of written down trustworthy eyewitness reports telling us exactly what when happened historically. Within only three generations the self disproved Bible Forger's Ramesses Time Dogma and all the resulting antibiblical dogmata driven analysis methods have successfully achieved a tremendous fall away from faith in nearly all Jewish and Christian confessions up into the leading spiritual elites; Even directly written into his modern Bible the author has to read in the forwards that the Five Books of Moses were originally written around 500 BC and thus not by Moses and the reader is forced to conclude that the Bible is not a trustworthy eyewitness report of historical events as it clearly claims to be.

The Bible states the flood happened in 2463 BC and the Book of Jubilees confirms that Noah himself did write his report of the flood down (in cuneiform) and the books of Henoch, Noah, Shem and the other forefathers were passed on through generations to Abraham (Jubilees 10:14, 12:27). But based on the Bible Forgers' self-disproved Ramesses Time Dogma and the resulting claim MOSES couldn't have written his allegedly one millennium younger books - the author‘s modern Bible forward „informs“ its readers that this biblical flood narrative was imprinted by originally much "earlier" written down Mesopotamian flood narratives, which is ONE millennium AFTER Noah had written it down according to the scriptures; This means that Archeological evidence corroborating the trustworthiness of the Bible - is misused as disproving evidence for the untrustworthiness of the Bible - written even directly into the Bible itself in it’s forwards …

Only for the 2000 years old Eastern and Western Church Christians: The Announcing the Birth of the Lord according to the Roman Martyrology in AD 1584 states the Lord’s birth year to be the year “2015 since Abraham's birth”, the year “1510 since Moses and the Exodus of the people of Israel from Egypt” and the year “1032 since the anointing of David as king”; According to the unfalsified rediscovered Strict Bible Chronology Abraham is estimated only 4 years earlier than the Bible really states. The Exodus is estimated around one century later based on the Jewish Seder Olam and the contemporary Assyrian and Egyptian Chronology (compare the c. one century too late Egyptian Chronology explained in Chapter Chronology Year 1625 BC). And King David is estimated only 24 years later here. Taking into consideration the medieval status of knowledge regarding the meanwhile rediscovered ancient writings we have here impressive good time estimations. After the change from a believing to unbelieving majority of theologians and historians in the 1960’s this template was “adapted to the current state of knowledge”: This lead to “The emigration of Abraham, our father in the faith, from Ur in Chaldea in the 21st century BC” which is now over half a century too late according to the unfalsified Bible. Then “The Exodus of the people of Israel from Egypt under the leadership of Moses in the 13th century BC” is based on extensive Bible forgery and outdated disproved by excavated Jericho but nevertheless still ruling as Late Date Theory meanwhile antibiblical Historical Science. This is over three centuries too late (1606 BC) according to the archeologically corroborated unfalsified Bible. “From the anointing of David as king about the 1000th year” is a deterioration from only 24 years to over half a century of deviation. This is altogether hard evidence debunking the destruction of history by apostasy driven political ideologies having taken over rulership even up into the highest levels of the two millenia old Eastern and Western Church of Christianity.

The conclusive Question is

HAS the truth won in the end?


WILL the truth win in the end?

The Bible's answer is

„For the Lord comprehends all knowledge, and he has gazed upon the signs of the times: announcing the things of the past, as well as the things of the future, and revealing the traces of hidden things.“

Sirach 42:19

"HE reveals the deep things of darkness and
brings utter darkness into the light."
Iyov 12:22

"Nothing has been veiled which will not be unveiled and
nothing has been hidden which will not be made known."
Matthew‭ 10:26‬

Every reader who has been brave enough to work through and examine this complete work deserves to know the truth about the background and motivation of the author: I had been a modern mainstream Christian for my whole life, claiming to love the LORD and to believe in the resurrection but best fitting to the Lord’s words „Why do You call me ‘Lord! Lord!’ but not do what I say?” and „As for me I convict and chastise everyone I love, so exert yourselves, and turn from your sins.“ 

Over three years ago now I heavily wanted to know if “rather one-third or rather two-thirds of all biblical stories really happened”. This led me into a research and discovery adventure completely changing my faith and life including two deciding discoveries: The forgotten Book of the Jubilees and the rediscovered Strict Bible Chronology. For me, the Book of Jubilees turned out to be a forgotten ancient witness with the after two millennia having awakened mission to fulfill an essential part of the end-time prophecy “nothing has been veiled which will not be unveiled”. The same task is fulfilled by the Bible itself these days by the first and only unfalsified rediscovered Strict Bible Chronology. 

The time has come ... 

I also gratefully feel helped by Jewish Beatified Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerich within my work. Adversaries of the Word may try to put me away into boxes like “Extreme Early Dater”, “Fundamentalist”, "Dreamer", “Jewish Believer" or "Hardcore Evangelical”. Here comes the truth: Evangelical Dr. Roger Liebi who did his doctorate at Whitefield Florida USA on the one hand has to be an opponent against 2000 years old Christianity and their beliefs, thus he has to attack via inaccurate evidence my 2000 years old faith regarding the flesh, the blood, and the mother of my Lord. Nevertheless on the other hand, he is one of the World’s most competent Tanakh/ OT translators (Schlachter Bible) and Bible experts and he has studied and examined the Bible over 10.000 hours of his life and proves an extraordinary knowledge and competence regarding the Word towering over most self-called leading "biblical" scholars of our time. And after millennia of human failed attempts he rediscovered the only Chronology including all unmodified time figures of the Bible working out fine and proved by clear pure maths. His resulting Strict Bible Chronology appear to be an end-time sign blessed by the Holy Ghost for it is the only Chronology 

 changing or ignoring The Word by no means. Who still wants to know now my concrete confession only needs to click on the youtube symbol in the right upper corner wherever he is on this complete website, it is no secrete and visible from the beginning to the end of my work. My writing of the word G'd is just a pitiable attempt to show respect to our elder Jewish brothers who read this work but I certainly failed often because the original biblical name of Hashim had to be used several times in order to avoid misunderstandings by other readers. So no, I am not Jewish, however I have become a 100 % Zionist through these findings.

Everybody who has read through this complete work does realize that this is not another work of any certain Exodus date lobbyists but instead for the first time a work that reveals the entire Word has to be taken seriously as a trustworthy eyewitness report; And in any court, no judge would ever seriously tell the jury not to take an eyewitness report "too literal" which exposes such a critic as what it is: faithless cheating hypocritical polemic misleading rethoric. If the Strict Bible Chronology would not deliver over ten times more archeological confirming evidence than the so-called Late or Early Date Theory and if the Early or Late Date Theory would not cause ten times more archeologically contradicting evidence, this work You are able to read now would not exist.

But that's not all that has been discovered: Without the Book of Jubilees this tremendous amount of archeological evidence - revealing the complete untold history of Israel in Egypt and the dissolution of all essential riddles of the so-called "Dark" Second Intermediate Period of Egyptian history - would not have been possible; The Book of Jubilees has to be reconsidered and examined as a serious ancient source revealing the necessary archeological evidence confirming the Bible as a book of History. 

Some readers still might wonder why they can’t read about these findings in any official scientific or confessional journal. The author even claims it will need at least over 100.000 readers until any reaction will come and the reactions will be refusing because
a) Leading „Biblical“ Archeology and Egyptology would have to admit that their helpless cluelessness regarding these ancient periods of history are based on Bible falsification and their antibiblical missing neutrality, objectiveness and independence.
b) Even pro-biblical Archeologists would have to admit to have misleadingly tried to prove the Bible by falsifying it.
c) Modern more or less liberal Judaism, Catholicism, Orthodoxism and Protestantism would not only have to admit that they have been mislead into the fall away from faith; they would have to admit that they responsibly did push this fall away from faith and trust in HIS Word and that their modern teaching is based on Bible falsification.

They additionally ALL have to reject the Book of Jubilees and other ancient Bible supporting and confirming writings cited in this work for their different religious political reasons.
a)b)c) They all would lose face and are existentially threatened by the unveiled truth - with their reputation, status and income. There is no necessary independence, objectivity, neutrality and honest truthseeking enabling serious scientificness or religious truthseeking - neither in one of these three groups nor in co-dependant Media - atheistic antibiblical Wikipedia ruling World’s „truth“ today is the best proving evidence, check it out.

And here comes a further necessary warning for all who are already somehow educated in this field and have read now through the entire work and wonder - either admiring or doubting - what kind of unbelievable genius would be necessary to unveil the complete archeologically evidenced History of Israel in Egypt - Your are on the wrong wide path: The author is no genius at all but instead an average normal man like You and the same way called like You are (Matthew20:16.22:14): The REAL question is if You have the courage for the sincere desire to also become chosen. The right narrow path is to be - like the author - shocked to realize that no Christian or Jewish expert in this field in the one century young history of Biblical Archeology and relating Egyptology ever had and up until today has the necessary faith, love and trust in the Word of G’d to even search for and sowith see all these obvious hints in Scripture, Archeology and Ancient Writings. The right narrow path is to wonder if believers in the Word of G’d - who have already proved and realized over one hundred fullfilled biblical end time prophecies since the end of the 19th century - are right when they have also realized the prophesied on and on leaving of the Holy Ghost and on and on coming of the fall away from faith since then with all its consequences (1Tim4:1, 2Thess2:3, Matth24:3.10-13). The right narrow path is to be - like the author - shocked about one’s own already fulfilled previous fall away from faith so far. The right narrow path is to wonder if this fall away from faith has already reached one’s own confessional leaders having due to this already invented a new modern liberal false theology - claiming the superior faith would be a faith independant of wether anything in the Word of G’d ever really happened in history and discarding the Bible as compendium of fully trustworthy direct and indirect eyewitness reports.

And what if Your faith becomes brave enough to choose to be a chosen one to whom it is unveiled that the Word of G‘d is not only THE leading History Book of ancient times what the author started to prove but also THE Book of all essential World and Human History from its very beginning to its very end from HIS point of view as soon as You decide to REALLY believe in and thus learn to understand all already fullfilled and yet unfulfilled prophecies?

In the end, this work is first of all meant as service to all the individuals scattered on earth who really seek with all their brains and hearts the truth about the trustworthiness of the Bible. The readers will be able to realize at the end of this work that all the old aged root fundaments of so-called "Biblical" Archeology and relating Egyptology collapse like a house of cards as soon as somebody for the first time begins to examine the REAL biblical times relating discovered archeological evidence because 

the Words of the Bible are the Words of G'd:

"So, everyone who heart these words of mine
and acts on them
will be like a sensible man who built his house on bedrock.
The rain fell, the rivers flooded,
the winds blew and beat against that house,
but it didn't collapse,
because its foundation was on rock."


Somebody out there will be able now to reveal nearly comprehensively all the last essential secrets of the 12th to 18th Dynasty of Egyptian History as soon as he is ready for the existentially threatening 'apostasy' away from the self disproved Bible Forgers' Ramesses Time Dogma ruling over two 'Sciences'. A competent Chronology Revisionist like eg. David Rohl - who helped so much to make this work possible - will be able now to solve the essential open riddles of a worldwide ancient Chronology Revision simply by trying out the Strict Bible Chronology as the one clarifying leading standard. The time has come for the Word - for the first and only unfalsified biblical time data - also to enlighten the archeologically evidenced true time of the Judges 1546-1096 BC, of King David 1056 BC (instead of '1011' BC), of King Salomon 1016 BC (instead of '971' BC), and of all the following Kings of Israel 975-586 BC. And the Word will expose all helpless guesswork and speculative antibiblical disprovable paradigms ruling the scenery. In the end, the truth is finally coming out and will enlighten all dark periods of Leading (Anti-) Biblical Archeology and Egyptology. But not through the previous candidates only half-hearted trusting the Word of God or only seeking for success, status, reputation, and wealth - solely through the fullhearted believers in the Word and the last incorruptible truth-seekers in this world ready to seek for something greater than themselves ... 

The Lord speaks to You:

"Before I formed You in the womb
I knew You,
and before You were born,
I set You apart for a special work …"


Feel called to send out this work 
to all Your friends weak in faith 
due to education and current general knowledge.
God bless Your Serving the Word.

And there are still huge treasures left waiting to be recovered ... 

Become a part of it. 
Become a Truth Seeker.
Become a Knight of Truth. 
Become a Servant of THE TRUTH.

A storm is coming up at the horizon ...

The Bible is the Diamond 
that CUTS the stones of archeology 
and not the other wrong way around:

Is not MY WORD like Fire? 

asks Hashem Adonai the LORD 

Like a Hammer shattering Rocks?

Yirmeyahu Jeremiah 23:29