The History of

Israel in Egypt 

- The Veil Removed -

Examine over 100 new discoveries of archeological evidence 
for the time of Israel in Egypt from Ensettlement to Exodus 
& from Joseph to Moses 

based on

the rediscovered first & only unfalsified 
Strict Bible Chronology revealing
     the original time of Israel in Egypt 1821-1606 BC

the translational rediscovery of the Book of Jubilees originally saying
     Canaanites invaded Egypt and enslaved Israel in the year 1729 BC

the translational rediscovery of the Bible itself originally saying
     a Foreign King arose as an enemy over Egypt and enslaved Israel



  • from the Egyptian History of the Second Intermediate Period
  • from Biblical Archeology regarding the time of Israel in Egypt
  • from the Chronologization of the ancient times of 1800-1500 BC
  • from the History of the 'Hyksos' in Ancient Egypt
  • from the History of the 'Origin of Monotheism in Egypt'
  • from the History of the Origin of the People of Israel
  • from the time of Israel in Egypt the Bible does not talk about
  • from the claim 'There is no Evidence for Israel in Egypt'

Published in Hamburg Germany February 23rd, 2020
by Stefan Clasemann

"The historical saga contained in the Bible - from Abraham's encounter with God and his journey to Canaan to Moses' deliverance of the children of Israel out of bondage ... (is) a brilliant product of the human imagination." ... "The Exodus did not happen at the time and in the manner described in the Bible ... excavations ... have not provided even the slightest evidence."
Finkelstein 2001, The Bible Unearthed, p.7&63

Leading Biblical Archeology and Egyptology claims Israel in Egypt and their Exodus from Egypt never happened and at the same time MUST have happened in the 13th century BC the time of Pharaoh Ramasses; Before the first Canaanite 'Hyksos' Pharaoh rose up 

the same Canaanites would already have settled in Egypt for a century thus even the violent 'Hyksos' Invasion into Egypt in ancient writings allegedly never happened.

(Finkelstein & Bietak lecture links Overview Page Hyksos Column)

Who wants to prove or disprove
what the BIBLE says,
MUST take what the BIBLE says, nothing else.
Anything else is no serious science.

We are living in the times where two self-proclaimed "Biblical Chronologies" rule the scene of Biblical Archeology: 
First, the Late Exodus Dating Chronology is leading the scene of meanwhile antibiblical "Leading Biblical Archeology" and Egyptology for nearly a century now. Second, the younger Early Exodus Dating Chronology is leading the scene of nowadays pro-biblical archeologists. Both admit that they do not have the real Biblical Chronology in terms of including the complete amount of all original unfalsified real biblical time figures. But the ruling paradigm is that such a kind of real Biblical Chronology would not exist at all because it is allegedly impossible to let all biblical time figures work out fine. This paradigm has reached its end time and is finally disproven now by the rediscovered Real Bible Chronology:

The 13th century BC Ramesses Time Paradigm for the Exodus is called the Late Date Theory. It does by no means build on the comprehensive amount of all pure biblical time figures. Instead, it does change what the Bible literally says by over three centuries. It is created in dependence on Bible-external time figures and by reinterpretation induced ignorance or changes of many biblical time figures. Changes and manipulations of the original time figures are called 'predatings', 'postdatings', 'dual datings', 'synchronizations' and (nonbiblical invented) 'co rulerships'. The main motive to change so many biblical time figures is in both cases the same one: To make them either fit with the Ramesses time (Late Dating) or with the 430 years between Salomons 4th year and the Exodus (Early Dating). The 430 years are the only biblical time figure uncompromisingly defended by the Early Daters as to be taken literal but already their inside reign times of Saul, David, and Salomon are based by Thiele on false non-biblical time figures dependant on the external - according to Floyd Nolen Jones inconsistent and incomplete - Assyrian Chronology and they are additionally based on invented Co-Rulerships.

The Ramesses Time Paradigm (1260 BC), as well as the so-called Early Date Estimation (1446 BC), are both disproven by the fact that Jericho was uninhabited in these times after having been destroyed in around 1550 BC proven by Kathleen Kenyon. Pharaoh's death in the Red Sea is disproven in both cases by his tomb with his skeleton. There's no evidence for the unnatural death of  Pharaoh's firstborn son in both cases. None of both Pharaohs is confirmed as Exodus Pharaoh by any ancient writing in contrast to Pharaoh Ahmose I who is confirmed by 6 ancient historians as the Exodus Pharaoh. Both time periods show Canaan as part of the Egyptian Empire so that an Exodus would not have been an Exodus out of Egypt. All these critical items only hold true in the case of the first and only unfalsified strictly and completely biblical Chronology of Dr. Roger Liebi resulting Exodus in the year 1606 BC. C. 1606 BC is also the Radiocarbon corrected time of the Hyksos Expulsion under Pharaoh Ahmose I
as You will discover in Chapter Chronology.

The so-called Early Date Estimation into 1446 BC does ignore or change many biblical time figures that do not correspond with the 480 years between the building of the Temple and the Exodus. It ignores, changes, or manipulates even more biblical time figures to make its dating attempt fit than the late date theory
(2010 Ludwig Neidhart, Version 2018 Chronologie des Alten Testaments, S.11) and it harshly contradicts the 450 years duration of the time of the Judges in Acts13:17-22.

Ignoring or changing one single biblical time figure 
can already falsify what the Bible really says 
by over ONE century! 

The good news is, it is unnecessary to ignore, change or manipulate one single time figure in the Bible; The complete amount of the strictly biblical time figures works out fine what has been declared as impossible up until today. So the easiest way to understand directly what the Strict Bible Chronology of Dr. Roger Liebi is all about - would be to call it simply the REAL Biblical Chronology; REAL does mean for the first time it worked out that the entire amount of the REAL biblical time figures was taken and successfully integrated into ONE pure biblical Chronology dissolving ALL seeming contradictions. 

Now it is finally for the first time possible 
to prove if the real Biblical Chronology 
is delivering matchings 
with contemporary archeological evidence or not! 

Serious Science does not allow to discard a historical writing source without having proven its content contradicting deciding archeological evidence. Serious Science does also not allow the use of falsified content as proving ground in order to validly prove or disprove the credibility of this source. But instead, that is what exactly happened to the Bible! Up until today the leading scientists and scholars - not taking the biblical time figures seriously enough - claimed it is not possible to bring all biblical time figures under one roof.

The claim Biblical time figures have to be modified in order to achieve any working out Chronology is disproved now by taking seriously all ancient relating writings which reveal the ancient understanding and meaning of certain time figures: For example, it is rediscovered that the Book of Kings written in the pronounced time when "G'd ruled over Israel" - Israel's time of theocracy - did logically NOT chronologically count the g'dless 114 Years of Israel under foreign rule in idolatry in the time of the Judges. To count no foreign rulership times was also similarly usus in Egypt regarding the Canaanite 'Hyksos' rulership time with worshipped Canaanite Idols; This forgotten ancient Hebrew habit of not counting g'dless years was evidenced commonly known and is confirmed by most ancient Bible relating writings (See start of Chapter Moses). Thus the 594 years between King Salomos 4th reign year of building the Temple and the Exodus in Acts13:2, 2Kings2:11, 2Chron9:30, Judges3:8, 3:11, 3:14, 3:30, 4:3, 5:31, 6:1, 8:28, 9:22, 10:2, 10:3, 10:8, 12:7, 12:9, 12:11, 12:14, 13:1, 1Samuel4:18, 7:2, Judges11:26, Numbers21, Joshua14:7-10, Numbers9:1 and Acts13:18 together do by no means contradict the famous 480 years in 1Kings6:1. The g'dless 114 years of foreign rule in the Book of Judges turn out to be exactly the 114 years missing in the 480 years of 1Kings6:1 to add up to the biblical evidenced sum of 594 years. This is not about new opinions or theories of any experts but about evidence proven forgotten general knowledge of most ancient relating writings (check at the start of Chapter Moses). As a matter of fact, clear and simple Maths is forbidding the ignorance or manipulation of any single biblical time figure and the misuse of falsified "Biblical" Chronologies as archeological research results interpretation fundament as it has been being done since the very beginning of the history of "Biblical" Archeology. (Check deeper on Pages Chronology & Moses)

This work reveals by dozens of patterns of matching archeological evidence that all biblical time figures are historically correct and necessary for the rediscovered first and only unfalsified Strict Biblical Chronology - the REAL Biblical Chronology. All other Chronologies ignore and alter biblical time figures or integrate bible external time estimations into its calculation in order to make their chronologies work - as a matter of fact, all biblical time figures are all together working out fine and are confirmed by over 100 matching exemplars of archeological evidence in this work.

Long forgotten and ignored but never disproven ancient sources enlighten the 'Dark' Second Intermediate Period of Egyptian History; They reveal Israel  Shepherd Kings, by the Egyptians called Hekachasut, and later Canaan as Foreign Rulers over Egypt, calling themselves 'Hyksos'. This is done by Patterns of Archeological Evidence for A) Israel's ensettlement and rulership over Egypt, B) the Canaanite 'Hyksos' Invasion and their Enslavement of Israel and C) Israel's Exodus and the Egyptian Expulsion of the Canaanite 'Hyksos' both in the same year.

The complete self-called "Dark" Second Intermediate Period 
will be enlightened by the Bible and all relating ancient writings 
and will turn out to be as a matter of fact the time of Israel Egypt.

The Bible and the Book of Jubilees reveal 
the Canaanite 'Hyksos' Invasion and Enslavement of Israel  
biblically and archeologically evidenced for 1729 BC:

(Check and examine deeper on Page Hyksos)

"After having defeated the Egyptian King, the KING OF CANAAN 
makes the plan to OPPRESS THE ISRAELITES and executes his plan."

The Book of Jubilees 46:14 Oldest Original Literal Translation

"Then a FOREIGN RULER, who did not know Joseph,
rose up IN ENMITY against Egypt .. they put SLAVE masters
over Israel to OPPRESS them with forced labor."

Exodus 1:8 Original Biblical Hebrew Literal Translation

"God was ungracious to Egyptian King Timaios and smote Egypt .. the ENEMY came from the east, conquered the land easily, burnt down cities, destroyed temples and initiated massacres and ENSLAVEMENT"
Ancient historian Manetho about the Canaanite HYKSOS Invasion

Study the biblically and archeologically evidenced
215 biblical years of Israel's sojourn in Egypt 
including 123 years of Canaanite  'Hyksos' rulership.
Explore the real Egyptian history in the exact time periods of
1821 BC - 1729 BC - 1606 BC unveiled by the Bible.

primarily based on new discoveries and previous research results of
Kim Ryholt - Manfred Bietak - Israel Finkelstein - Herrmann Rönsch  Klaus Berger - Stephen Meyers - David Rohl - Roger Liebi

(But before You climb up the chronological ladder of evidence and dive down into the deep of the three sea ground evidence cornerstones of Israel in Egypt - Settlement, Enslavement and Exodus - feel invited to enjoy flying over the contemporary ancient land of Egypt on
and through a normal work-life day of an ancient Egyptian on 
to get a first glance into and better understand 
the time of Israel's sojourn in Egypt.)


New Patterns of Evidence Overview

  • Uncovering of the Ramesses Time Paradigm and the 'Early' Date Theory of the Exodus as non Bible compliant and non archeologically evidenced hypothesizes in Chapter Chronology

  • Established and new confirming Archeological and Geological Evidence for the rediscovered first and only unfalsified Strict Bible Chronology in Chapter Chronology

  • Ancient scriptive documentation of the Canaanite 'Hyksos' enslaving Israel as biblical fact confirmed by patterns of archeological evidence in Chapter Hyksos

  • Archeological Evidence-based identification of Joseph as historical Vizierking 1830-1750 BC in Chapter Joseph

  • The 13th Dynasty identified as Joseph's archeologically proven historical Vizier Dynasty and Rulership of Hebrew Shepherd Kings
    in Chapter Joseph

  • Patterns of Archeological Evidence proving the 16th Dynasty and the 17th Dynasty as Hebrew Shepherd Kings' Dynasties at the end taken over by the Egyptians in Chapter Moses

  • New discovered Archeological Evidence unveiling the true History of the "Origin of Monotheism in Egypt" in Chapter Joseph & Moses

  • Biblical, archeological, and Radiocarbon Evidence unveiling over 75 non-existing years in the highly speculative „Dark“ Second Intermediate Period of Egyptian History 

  • Archeological Evidenced Exodus in the time of the 'Hyksos' Expulsion confirmed by the Bible and nearly all relating ancient writings at the Start of Chapter Moses

  • The 13th, 16th & 17th Dynasty Pharaohs biblically namely identified as Joseph’s, Benjamin’s & Levi’s descendants according to Kim Ryholt‘s identified family relationships at each Chapter's start

  • Archeologically confirmed Biblical Genealogy of Israel’s Royal Rulership in the Second Intermediate Period of Egyptian History at each Chapter's end

Chapter Overview

Chapter Chronology                  Chapter Hyksos                        Chapter Joseph                       Chapter Moses

Amenemhet III Pharaoh of the seven year famine

The Chronology 
of Israel in Egypt

If You want to know the rediscovered first and only unfalsified Strict Bible Chronology integrating completely all biblical time data, study Roger Liebi's Chronology of the Tanakh or Old Testament in this chapter and check its confirmation by archeological evidence on

Discover the real history of ruling power in Egypt within 215 years from the 12th to the 18th Dynasty. The gapless Chronology of Semitic Foreign Rulers; First Israel from 1821 to 1729 BC and then Canaan from 1729 to 1606 BC. A Chronology transforming a chaotic "dark period of uncertain time estimates with high degrees of speculation" finally into working order. Get a first glance to understand the biblical year 1606 BC as the root of the confusion in Egyptian History regarding the Second Intermediate Period:

Amenemhet's Semitic Highest Royal Official 

Who were 
the 'Hyksos'?

If You want to explore the Canaanites or their 'Hyksos' Pharaohs in Avaris, the Archeologists Israel Finkelstein and Manfred Bietak are the world most influential Experts. Sources are eg. their lectures on  and

If You want to discover crucial new evidence for the history of Israel in Egypt and  the dissolution of the millenia old 'Hyksos' Israel Controversy up until today then this is your chapter. Explore deeply the different ancient Qumran Scriptures Evidence for the seemingly first 'Hyksos' Pharaoh of Egypt being a Canaanite from Assur, who did not know Joseph the true first 'Hyksos' and enslaved Israel. In the Qumran Chronology of Genesis and Exodus/ the Book of Jubilees and in the Bible itself:

Amenemhet's Grandvizier and "Real Friend"

Who were 
Joseph's Pharaohs?

If You want to explore already discovered archeological evidence for the time of Israel in Egypt, watch Tim Mahoney's documentaries on or David Rohl's and Roger Liebi's lectures on, &

In this chapter You discover new evidence regarding the rulership of Joseph over Egypt, named ZaMonth Khnumhotep, later Monthhotep, and his grateful friends Potiphar/Khnumhotep II and Pharaoh Amenemhet III. The by egyptology already called "Dark Period" turns out to be in fact the last part of the bright "Golden Age" how it also was called by the egyptians. Discover the 13th Dynasty, a hebrew Pharaoh rotation system of Shepherd Kings under the overall Kingship of Joseph and his son Ephraim:

Prince of Egypt
Leader of Israel

Who were 
Mose's Pharaohs?

If You search for archeological evidence of the Ten Plagues, the Sea Division or the Holy Mountain Miracles enjoy several exciting documentaries linked in this chapter. If You want to discover new archeological evidence proving the time of Israel's Enslavement, Moses or the Exodus this is Your chapter. 

The period of Canaanite Opression of Egypt after the 'Hyksos' Invasion is also the period of Enslavement for Israel. The contrast between former israelite and following canaanite semitic foreign rulership could not show more contrast. Peace and stability was followed by desctruction, violence and cruelty. Discover the evidence for Israel's decreasing Dynasty in the south, for Moses' time as prince of Egypt and for the Ten Plagues and the Exodus. Learn to understand how the time of Israel in Egypt did get lost in egyptian history: