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This Chapter is my little bit of hidden parting gift for autodidactic researchers and truth seekers, who discovered this page. The following brain teaser and research challenge is inspired by Simcha Jacobovici in form of a question for each of the three pictures above: 

Are these 3 pictures above on Mycenae grave stelae a 3600 years old documentary of:

1. Pharaoh on a two-horse chariot chasing after Moses through wavewhirl walls of the divided sea?
2. Moses turning around from a place above on the seashore, closing the sea by   
   streching out his staff and Pharaoh thrown by gigantic whirl waves from his chariot?
3. Pharaoh with his chariot and his two horses sinking in the floods, Moses watching?

Are these grave stela a testimony of Mycenae buried eyewitnesses of the biblical Sea Division Miracle and thus prove the Books of Moses being eyewitness reports from the same time? 

OR - are they what modern scientific intelligence found out: 

1. A chariot race and many abstract superfluous wavy lines to fill up the picture?
2. Two warriors in a battle and many abstract superfluous wavy lines to fill up the picture?
3. Two men fighting against two lions and many abstract superfluous wavy lines to fill up the picture?

Helping questions:
1. Is it possible or even plausible that people of Mycenae lived 
   in the Nile Delta, in Goshen, or even in Avaris about 1600 BC? 
2. Is it possible or even plausible that people of Mycenae participated in the Exodus of Isreal in the 
   time of the Santorini Eruption?
3. What is it in the lower-left corner of the third grave stele picture? 
   Can it be uniquely identified by contemporary evidence? 


1. Enjoy 10 minutes from 1:01:40 to 1:11:00 (hr:min:sec) of the
   'Exodus Decoded' on and
   "Building Pharaoh's Chariot" on

2. Exodus12:37 Headline 'The Israelites leave Egypt' says: 
   "And the children of Israel journeyed from Rameses... And a mixed multitude went up also with them .."
   1992 Manfred Bietak excavated in Avaris Minoan paintings indicating Avaris around 1600 BC being also populated by 
   people from ancient Greece having intense trade contact with Egypt.

3. Pictures: 
   a) Egyptian chariot yoke 
   b) Chariot assembly with yokes in the upper left corner and lower right corner - 
      Click on the picture to see both 
   c) Pharaoh's chariot with golden wheels and a yoke 
   d) Golden chariot yoke

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses
but we will trust in the name of 
the LORD/ADONAI our G'd"

Psalm 20:7

The Sea Miracle

After I had finished my core work in 2020 
Tim Mahoney's documentary "The Sea Miracle Part II" came out 
and my discovery journey received a game-changing new impulse ...


Since the 17th of July 2020, You are able to watch Tim Mahoney's documentary "The Red Sea Miracle Part II" on He compares the Egyptian and the Hebrew approaches and the resulting two different regions where the sea division miracle is located - near the Nile Delta or through the Gulf of Aqaba as part of the Red Sea. While the Egyptian Approach is rejecting a spectacular miracle and searches for naturalistic explanations the Hebrew Approaches takes every biblical sentence seriously as an eye-witness report. These two "schools" are millennia old and scriptively firstly evidenced by the historian Artapanus between the 3rd and 2nd century BC: "Now the Memphites say that Moses was familiar with the countryside and watched for the ebb tide and he conveyed the multitude across through the dry sea. But the Heliopolitans say that .... a divine voice came to Moses to strike the sea with his rod and divide it. When Moses heard, he touched the water with the rod and thus the flowing water separated and the host went through a dry path." (Charlesworth 1985, Vol.2, 902) Memphis was the capital of the late Canaanite 'Hyksos' rejecting the power of the God of Israel. Heliopolis was - as already shown in Chapter Joseph - the "capital" of the eleven Hebrew tribe leaders after Father Jacob's death. They mostly believed in and witnessed the power of their God.

The Gulf of Aqaba is biblically unambiguously called Yam Suph and so Tim Mahoney comes to the conclusion the location of the Sea Miracle is Nuweiba at the Gulf of Aqaba. The main doubt of his friend David Rohl in his book "The Exodus - Myth or History?" I read beforehand was based on the deepest point of the undersea plateau of Nuweiba of over gigantic 800 meters: Because of David's graph showing a by him openly admitted exaggerated vertical scale of 45° the picture did fulfill its task and convinced me to think it is impossible for Israel to handle this steepness angle and to be able to walk through this canyon. This suddenly brought me to the solution for my anyway inner still open questions ...

The Santorini Mega Volcanic Eruption in the same time when the Ten Plagues and the Sea Miracle took place does not indicate solely the geological background of the Ten Plagues. Simcha Jacobovici tried to reveal this in his already mentioned and linked very creative and speculative but several times just only tightly missing the truth documentary. What Jacobovici did not realize is that he had also given the geological background for the Sea Division Miracle in the Gulf of Aqaba, contradicting his own "Egyptian naturalistic approach" regarding the location. The faultlines of the earth plates of Eurasia, Africa, and Arabia go directly through the "Yam Suph" - biblically unequivocally the Gulf of Aqaba - one to two kilometers deep. The Santorini Volcanic Eruption was caused by the movement of these plates. The movement of these plates leads to temporary or permanent earth plate cracks or a mixture between both. A ripping open and closing of the sea canyon where the earth plates touch each other obviously lead to a sudden enormous sea level crash down of about half a kilometer deepness in the Gulf of Aqaba 1606 BC.

Tim Mahoney's documentary strikingly relativized David Rohl's misleading steepness diagram in his book Exodus of the up to 850 meters deep underwater valley of Nuweiba and revealed a maximum angle of 13% or 7,4° steepness which is comparable with a wheelchair ramp angle, clearly feasible for hiking through. Thus Nuweiba still owns the only underwater plateau in the Gulf of Aqaba realistically passable by the whole people of Israel. The northern part of the Gulf starts only about 100 meters deeper, 900 meters deep, and the southern part of the Gulf immediately falls extremely steep 1000 meters deeper down to about 1800 meters deep.

The former question in my mind regarding my discovered "Santorini Crack" of the Sea Division in the Gulf of Aqaba always had been, if the Nuweiba undersea sea sand plateau would hold in case it suddenly received a half kilometer deep crack canyon over one kilometer beneath? Thus for me, the only option seemed to be that the complete crack closed again immediately after Israel had crossed the Sea, and the shooting up sea level swallowed the Pharoh and his complete army. But what if the geological experts will find in the near future the evidence that indeed the Santorini mega eruption went together with a huge half a kilometer deeper crack canyon in the Gulf of Aqaba in 1606 BC but that this canyon by no meter was closed again directly afterward? Then I would have a huge problem explaining the coming back floods burying the Egyptian army. 

But what if this clearly measurable crack
is the exact explanation of the
earth and sea swallowing up Pharaoh's army and chariots?

1) Earthplates Rift Valleys beneath Memphis Avaris & Gulf of Aqaba  

2) Nuweiba seafloor steepness angles: David Rohl's admitted exaggerated vertical scales  

3) Nuweiba seafloor steepness angles: Tim Mahoney's picture of the real steepness angles

4) Nuweiba Gulf of Aqaba Sea Deepness Levels: 

   upper north today:  900m      upper north 1606 BC:  550m

   sea saddle today:   800m      sea saddle 1606 BC:   450m
   lower south today: 1800m      lower south 1606 BC: 1400m

Earthplate Riftvalleys

David Rohl's Diagram

Tim Mahoney's Diagram

Sea Deepness Levels

David Rohl's attempt to disprove the tremendous sea miracle in the Gulf of Aqaba in his book "The Exodus - Myth or History?" delivered to me the miracle explaining and proving geological answer: In 1606 BC the half kilometer deep sudden crack canyon in the Gulf of Aqaba did more likely not close directly again after the Israelites had reached the Arabian coast but was mostly permanent and thus will be easily proved with evidence as soon as geologists examine the geological history of the deepness levels of that area. Because instead, a Nuweiba sea saddle up to 400 meters deep until 1606 BC and strikingly flatter 3,7° with only half the steepness of a wheelchair ramp would have all of a sudden collapsed into an up to 850 meters deep valley causing primarily the floods which additionally buried the Egyptian army after Israel had already passed and Moses had raised his rod. The Qumran Chronology of Exodus in Jubilees48:14 and Exodus15:12 reflect exactly this sudden ripping open earth gorge swallowing up the Egyptian army together with the resulting floods:

"The Lord our G'd threw them into the sea
into the depths of the Abyss" and
"the earth swallowed them"

Jubilees48:14 Exodus15:12

Then after geological scientists will have examined and proved this thesis by evidence, David Rohl's doubts would have been the crucial help for me to reveal the 850 meters deepness as the basis for the full explanation and proof of the Sea Miracle in the Gulf of Aqaba. Unrefutable evidence then will be the geological confirmation of a Santorini time earthquake storm crack canyon of about half a kilometer through the Gulf of Acaba 3600 years old.

David's main biblical reason for his passionate skepticism in his book 'Exodus - Myth or History' seems to be the wind in Exodus14:21 which has been taken nearly obsessively for a naturalistic explanation by "Biblical" Archeology for nearly a century now without knowing or understanding the Bible at all: Yam is mostly translated as 'sea' in the Bible. The original meaning of a biblical term is normally revealed the first time it is mentioned in the Bible thus in this case in Genesis1:10. Yam precisely means a huge accumulation of water or wet, even rivers are called Yam in the Bible. Based on the opposite word in Genesis1:10 and Exodus14:21 the precise meaning of Yam is revealed: Jabbasah is often translated as dry land but it precisely means "the dry". Thus the precise translation of Exodus14:21 is "The LORD ADONAI did let the big wet go by a strong east wind .. and made the big wet the dry AND the waters were split .." Transforming wet to dry in order to let Israel cross the sea with dry feet was the meant miracle made by the LORD ADONAI through the wind - the sea division itself is a second part of the miracle separated by the word AND in this sentence. The geological background of the miracle was invisible and not realizable for the millions of eyewitnesses at that time - only the wind was! The Eastwind also carried Israel up the 7,4° - or better only the 3,7° because the plateau collapsed afterwards. 

The believers do not have to worry now; The largest volcanic eruption in human history - since 2006 "VEI 7" is reconfirmed - is just the yet scientifically best-measured part of what happened in 1606 BC. It still remains HIS most spectacular miracle - HIM touching the earth in the deciding very moments - remains unique in human history forever. 

If a sea of up to 1300 meters deepness all of a sudden sacks down into an about half a kilometer deeper opening canyon, then an only about 400 meters deep undersea way or plateau would cause two impressing great walls of gigantic whirl waves whirling inside out at both sides of a sea sand way dried by a strong Eastwind carrying Israel over to the other side. Test it with a 2 meters long 1-meter wide oak woods door you pull suddenly 1 meter underwater and a little later suddenly pull out of the water again: First, the whirl waves whirl outside in, and secondly, they whirl inside out

This sea division explanation is not born out of weak faith naturalistic thinking: Moving earth plates cracks lead through the far eastern branch of the Nile Delta under Avaris and Memphis, through the Gulf of Acaba, further on through the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, and through the Sea of Galilea - all places of biblical miracles in form of natural phenomenons. In 1606 BC the Santorini Eruption was not the exclusive origin for the tremendous geological atmospheric and biochemical phenomenons and the sudden ripping open and closing of sea canyons where the earth plates touched each other: Santorini is only a part of these phenomena. 

The biblical phenomenon was HIM intervening in world history by touching slightly HIS earth. It starts on the first page of the bible and then goes on with The Flood as partly explained as the "fountains of the great deep were broken up" and closed again in Genesis7:11,8:2. These phenomena were discovered and confirmed by geological science 4500 years later in our generation. Further earth plate shifts are also biblically indicated in one of the ancestor names (ancestor names are always mirroring characteristics or events): Genesis10:25 mentions "One was given the name Peleg meaning division because during his lifetime the earth was divided". This was indicating further drifting apart of earth plates and humanity splitting into all directions. The last biblical examples are taking place in the future: Zakharyah's prophecy sees the arrival of our Messiah on the Olive Mountain in Jerusalem near the intercontinental rift valley. Zakharyah14:4 says "the Mount of Olives will be split in the middle to the east and to the west to make a huge valley". Geologists confirm an already today existing crack in this mountain, ready to burst open in case of earth plate movements. And do not ask how many consequences of HIM touching his earth are described in the Apocalypse, the revelation to John in the time of the Return of the Lord Adonai. 


The East African Great Rift Valley plays a crucial role in the biblical intervention of the LORD ADONAI in human history by touching his earth.

The Santorini Eruption caused a half-kilometer deep crack through the Gulf of Acaba. This could have caused the Sea Miracle.

This crack could have additionally caused a breakdown of the Nuweiba plateau sea saddle swallowing the Egyptian army.


If You now step back to the beginning of the Chapter and observe a second time attentively the contemporary Bible external eyewitness report figuratively engraved on the 3 Mycenae grave stelae in 3 scenes You will make a new impressing discovery...

The place Nuweiba owns the highest underwater plateau of the Gulf of Acaba, over 200 metres wide and going over 15 kilometres long down and up through an 800 metres deep valley with a steepness angle of a wheelchair ramp. The northern part of the Gulf starts only about 100 metres deeper 900 metres deep and goes down to about 1300 metres. The southern part of the Gulf immediately falls extremely steep 1000 metres deeper down to about 1800 metres deep.

Following geological scenery should be confirmed by an eyewitness report:
After Moses raises his staff, the Gulf of Acaba falls down about half a kilometre deep - on the right side and on the left side of the up to 400 metres deep sea sand sea saddle - causing inside out whirling huge wave walls at both sides of the occurring way through the divided sea. After the Eastwind has dried up the sea sand ground and carried Israel over to the other side, the double weight army chariots get stuck in the underneath the surface still wet ground. When Moses moves his staff down the sea saddle collapses half a kilometre deep into its huge about one kilometre deeper opened crack through the Great African Rift Valley. 

This causes a giant huge flood wave on the southern one kilometre deeper seaside of the way through the divided sea throwing the Egyptian army together with the smaller northern flood wave and the breaking up earth ground into the "deepness of the Abyss" and "the earth swallowed them" Jubilees48:14 Genesis15:12.

This resulting giant southern flood wave from the one-kilometre deeper part of the Gulf of Acaba and the smaller northern flood waves is unrefutably exactly and precisely engraved on the second grave stela NAMA 1429 of Mycenae from the 16th century BC at the very beginning of this Chapter. Beforehand the northern wave wall was higher than the southern wave wall while Israel was passing through the sea. This is shown between the seaway lines by the first grave stele picture and is also resulting from the one-kilometre seafloor deepness difference. The historical reason for the engraved lower northern wave at the east end on the right hand side of the second stela is explained later in this work by Jewish Beatified Anna Katharina Emmerich.

All three grave stelae pictures near Schliemann's famous "Agamemnon" grave  at the beginning of this chapter exactly and precisely describe the different sizes of the sea waves in each situation and location of the sea and turn out to be a precise description of a historical event instead of being by scientists so-called "abstract superfluous wavy lines to fill up the picture". 

Enjoy Your discovery journey:


The sea falls down on the upper northern side and on the lower much deeper southern side of the sea saddle causing a much lower southern wave wall.

When Moses moves his staff down, the sea saddle collapses causing a giant flood wave on the deeper southern seaside and a smaller northern one.

This collapse throws the Egyptian army and the breaking up earth ground into the "deepness of the Abyss" and "the earth swallowed them".

My work started in February 2020. It all began with my discovery that the Book of Jubilees says Canaanites invaded Egypt and enslaved Israel and that the Bible says a Hyksos - a Ruler of Foreign Lands - arose as enemy and enslaved Israel. This further on lead more and more to new discoveries build on this fundament and the Strict Biblical Chronology. This last Chapter remains still a little bit hidden as a gift for real truth searchers. It was written in July 2020. The overwhelming additional amount of discoveries did let this last small hidden chapter grow and grow ...


I already explained in Chapter Hyksos that - as far as technically possible - a necessary new focus in the examination of yet unidentified Qumran Fragments will lead to the discovery and identification of Qumran Tanakh and Book of Jubilees fragments proving that the Bible originally says a 'Hyksos' enslaved Israel: Not only by my 5th-century discoveries - even by original 2nd century BC ancient writings - fragments of the oldest Holy Scriptures of the world. For understanding the seriousness of the evidence framework of the following Chapter it is important for the reader to know, that the University of Manchester - most experienced in these questions - will the best institution to prove or disprove the following findings: 

In Schliemann's famous "Agamemnon" grave V of grave circle A in Mycenae Greece and in grave A II they will identify male Hebrew DNA and in grave A III and in the King's grave A IV they will identify female Hebrew DNA. Certain gold treasures shown in this Chapter will as far as technically provable be revealed as Egyptian or Nubian gold, manufactured for the first time in Egypt and later for a second time melted and remanufactured in a more Semitic way in the year 1606 BC. The same picture patterns of gold treasures in other greek locations will show the same unique characteristics, attributes, and quality of material. Geological Scientists will discover the half-kilometer deeper part of the canyon in the middle of the Gulf of Aqaba being only 3400 years old or at least one millennium younger than the rest of the sea ground. Thus striking parts of deciding evidence in this work are able to be unrefutably secondly evidenced by experts in the future - genetically, metallurgically, and geologically - this is important to understand the provability of all discoveries.

One of the weird 'Zeitgeist' trends of archeology since the last century is without having any unrefutable evidence against certain ancient writings simply declaring them as refuted because of them not fitting into the actual Zeitgeist fashion of archeological thinking. The original base rule in science to take ancient sources seriously as long as they are not disproved has dissolved in the hype and overconfidence of Modern Archeology; Modern godless and thus baseless guesswork of archeologists stands above the lost competence and knowledge of ancient never disproven writers and writings. This is one of the main reasons explaining how so many overwhelming discoveries in this work were possible. It is a work that takes never disproven ancient writings adequately seriously again. The modern framework of scientific-methodical rules and paradigms enabled over a century-long a dogmatic totally false non- and antibiblical chronologisation of biblical events claiming to be the historical truth ensuring framework. This Chapter had to give up a compendium of lies producing scientific frameworks and rules in order to remove the veil and to set free the historical truth.


"Now how shall three grave stelae of a royal Mycenean dynasty 
have become an eye witness report of the biblical Sea Miracle?"

In the following story, only the evidence framework is meant to be taken as facts, the rest is just the most plausible recognized option, what in fact could have happened in 1606 BC in connection with the Mycenean buried persons discovered by Schliemann:

It was in the year 1606 BC the year of the Santorini mega volcanic eruption. Mycenaen Prince Whanacka was visiting Egypt regularly for business reasons with the goods transport ship of his father the King of Mycenae. Avaris and Thebes were harbor towns and goods handling locations of Mycenae and Egypt. This time already arriving in Avaris alive was an adventure for his crew, they survived gigantic sea storms with unnatural frightening loud cracking noises from northeast making the crew wondering if the end of the world finally had come. As next arriving in Thebes the Egyptians in Thebes were talking about the Hebrew G'd trying to destroy Egypt, the Nile is red and stinks, dead animals are lying everywhere, the day is turned to night by a thick ash cloud for many days and tremendous hail storms and earthquakes are destroying everything especially the temples but also the ships on the Nile. The Prince was terrified and wanted to leave Egypt immediately but his ship had been destroyed by the disaster and had sunk in the Nile so that he lost all his goods and could not return to Greece. In the night when he observed all Egyptian families crying about the sudden death of their oldest sons he, at last, was convinced of Egypt's total doom and with his soldiers and merchants, he joined desperately Israel's Exodus like many other foreigners and "a mixed multitude went up also with them" Exodus12:37.

Like Sarah's family of the tribe of Dan Prince Whanacka also became eye witness to the miraculous rescue from Pharaoh's army by the gigantic sea division of the Gulf of Aqaba. He was overwhelmed by this mighty G'd of the Israelites but did not give up his old belief in his greek deities for example the Minoan bull deity. At Mount Horeb a bull deity spending whine through its mouth is manufactured with the gold, Israel plundered from the Egyptians when they left. They all celebrated wildly in an orgiastic party to abreact their experienced extreme emotions. When Moses came back he destroyed the golden bull, disdainfully called 'Golden Calf' in the name of the Lord. Prince Whanacka is able to preserve the golden bull horns secretly from destroying and hides them with himself. The idolatry repenting people stripped of themselves all their jewelry Exodus33:4.5.6. Bezaleel, son of the tribe of Judah taught everyone who feels called in the art of gold manufacturing Exodus35:30 to prepare the priest's outfits and the tabernacle's gold treasures. As one of many Sarah's brother learned the art of manufacturing gold accessories for the priest's outfit. His family gave their plundered Egyptian gold to support. Exodus28: enumerates golden breastplates, chains, cords, connecting brooches, etc.. According to Exodus36:3.7 more as needed had been produced by the Israelites and much was left and given back. Sarah's family got back leftover golden manufactured treasures in the amount they had given and kept most of them for the rest of their life.

Numbers2 The foreigner's camps were placed between the Levites and the other tribes and so were guarded against all sides. Thus they were like the Levites also surrounding the tabernacle which explains why so often so many commandments were given to avoid foreigners approaching the tabernacle Numbers1:51,3:10,3:38 etc... Prince Whanacka's tent was standing near Sarah's family's tent of the tribe of Dan. In their year at Mount Horeb, Prince Whanacka became a good friend of Sarah's brother and he and beautiful Sarah fell in love with each other. He asked her to marry him and to come with him to greek Mycenae. This is a challenge for her family. One year later the people of Israel left Mount Horeb and walked through the deserts up to Kadesh in the desert Paran near the land of Canaan and the coastland of the Philistines. This is the first good chance for Prince Whanacka to leave the people of Israel together with his love and her family and with his merchants and soldiers. The Philistines were a greek sea people and knew for well the power of his father the King of Mycenae. He convinced Sarah and her brother and they convinced their family to come with them and decide on a royal life instead of a complete life in the desert as announced by Moses. And they left the people of Israel as many others did do in this time as Numbers14:45 describes. But they instead were taking the direct route to the coast of the Mediterranian Sea and then to Ashkelon the philistine harbor city to take a ship over to Greece Mycenae via Rhodos. Their journey was paid by parts of their golden jewelry evoking great amazement.

When they arrived in Mycenae Prince Whanacka's father was overwhelmed and happy to get his son back alive in these earth-shaking times. A big wedding is celebrated and Sarah's big family of the tribe of Dan becomes part of the royal family of Mycenae and is living one of the most wealthy lives in this time. When they died Queen Sarah was buried together with her husband King Whanacka (Grave A4) in the King's grave of Whanacka's father. Her mother and two of her sisters who as Hebrews did not marry any pagan were buried together (Grave A3). Three of her brothers also died unmarried and also were buried together (Grave A5) next to their uncle's grave (Grave A2). Many striking elements of the story of their family of the tribe of Dan and the Exodus story flew into the greek myths especially into the ones of Danae and Danaus and his descendants the Homerian tribe of Danaus, the Danaans. For example, Danae being clothed in golden rain is seen in Sarah's archeologically evidenced golden grave additions; Having been abandoned out on the water as a baby in a basket is mirroring the story of Moses; The typical big size of their Israelite family is mirrored in the "50 daughters" in the Greek myth; The legendary timing of Danaos fleeing out of Egypt from the Egyptian "Aegyptos" with a big ship over the sea via Rhodos to Argos/Mycenae was used by Manetho in Josephus to calculate the year of the Hyksos Expulsion/ Exodus of Israel (William Whiston: The new complete works of Josephus page 961). Experts will find much more. This will enable scientists in the future to reevaluate all greek myths and their genealogies cleaning the right inside historical facts from pagan mythology having now the right historical pattern and the right chronological fixpoint.

Exodus36:2 Sarah's brother "whose heart stirred him .. to take part in the work" of gold manufacturing art in the desert also painted pottery in his life in Mycenae. It is the time of neverending new battles and wars as described in the Book of Judges for Israel but also taking part in complete Mycenean and Minoan Greece. These wars, battles, evictions but also uprooting of warriors were the seed of the so-called later sea people coming from all edges of the Mediterranian Sea. Sarah's brother became a Prince of Mycenaean and a great warrior and famous commander but in his heart, he remained to be an artist who only fears his one G'd of Israel. On the grave stele NAMA 1430 of his G'D fearing uncle who had fallen in a war, he engraved and perpetuated the sea miracle with its way through the divided sea. Water whirls had become symbols for their LORD's miraculous saving power on pottery as in manufactured gold jewelry. Understanding that he and his brothers will also die soon in one of the next battles he prepared for death. He probably manufactured his own death mask, the only mask found taken from a living person and mirroring exactly the real look of a man's face.

This leads to the question if this archeologically evidenced mask - shown in the picture ahead - could also have been taken by him in the desert time from his former Hebrew leader's face. The only answer that can be safely given is that science is not able to deliver any disproving evidence against the possibility of this excavated mask having been taken off the face of his former leader in the desert after 1606 BC - the Leader of Israel out of Egypt into the Promised Land - MOSES.

For his brothers and himself, he manufactured three grave stelae telling the sea miracle story on three pictures so that their message for the pagan world would endure forever and fulfill its service whenever the time will have come. The three grave stelae are showing the scenes of Pharaoh chasing after Moses through the divided sea and being buried by a huge north wave. Many biblical scenes found their way into Greek mythology at that time. The huge walls of InsideOut whirling waves and the most huge wave from the north burying the Egyptian army with the Canaanite charioteers were prepared by him in various versions in gold and they were left by his family in their graves. Some parts found their way by selling or as gifts into other parts of Mycenean Greece. Rhodos (gold) and Troy5 (pottery) revealed excavated pottery or gold with the greek fashion becoming beautiful Mycenean wave whirls.

The men in grave A2 and A5 and the women in grave A3 and in the king's grave A4 were buried to the east as natural Hebrew practice; Already Abraham prayed to the east, the tabernacle and the temple are faced to the east and the messiah on the last day will arrive from the east. The King of Mycenae and the other pagan greek men and women were not buried to the east but in common pagan directions. The three grave stelae NAMA 1428, 1429, and 1431 at the beginning of this page are clearly belonging together, they were all made from freshwater limestone. Grave stela NAMA 1427 found near to them is not belonging to the three. It is made from gray limestone and it shows a totally different scene without any water whirls or "abstract superfluous wavy lines" how the experts' helpless guesswork calls them. Enjoy Your evidence journey:



A2 grave stele NAMA1430: Divided Sea Path through Walls of curdled Waterwhirls

Grave A2: Devided Sea path between gigantic waterwhirls

Grave A5: Path between Walls of Waterwhirls 

congealed like jelly  

Grave A5 Breastplate: Waterwhirls as symbol of miraclous protective
 power of Israel's G'D 

Grave A3: Chariot wheel with waterwhirls as trophy of the enemy defeated by the miraclous power of G'd

„That evening a lot of quails came and landed everywhere on the camp“

King's Grave A4: 
Horns of the Golden Bull

A3/A4/A5 5 Priest Amulets Sacrificial Altar behind The Arc of Covenant  

Grave A5: Hebrew Leader‘s Face Mask
16th century BC (bent replica)


16th century BC Grave A3 Mycenae Hebrew princesses grave addition: Crossing line up of Israel's desert camp around the Levites surrounded tabernacle, seen from a hill. Three tribes each camped in four directions. The cross is representing the people of Israel centering around their G'D according to Numbers2 and the water waves inside the cross are representing HIS miraculous power shown in the Sea Division Miracle.

Picture correcting hint: Numbers2 explains eastern Judah as northern Dan camped first and directly next to the Levites and the Foreigners surrounding the Tabernacle.


A little anecdote originally at the end now in between: I can not resist telling about this first discovered earring photo of Mycenae. I already had realized that the wave walls of the divided sea had to whirl inside out so I was irritated about these waves whirling seemingly outside in. A conclusion like - this is a scene of Pharaoh's army being buried by the outside in whirling floods - was not available in my mind. Something had to be wrong with this earring... I tried to imagine how a 'correct' earring with waves whirling inside out at a beautiful woman would look like .. and I found out that her hair regularly would hopelessly get tangled up deeply in the narrow path between the two whirl waves and even deeper inside the whirls of the two inside out wave whirls. I wondered if the earring was indeed manufactured that way originally by a typical male engineer without 'female customer focus' and the woman who wore it after suffering several times had squeezed the two inside out whirling waves close together until her hair was safe again... 

Months later I discovered in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in my hometown Hamburg in Germany golden greek chain links from Rhodos - the typical stopover of a ship trip from Canaan to Mycenae in the Mycenean time around 1600 BC with waves whirling inside out and a narrow path in between and I felt confirmed somehow ...

End of July 2020 then I discovered a photo with the full amount of earrings found in the A3 grave in Mycenea. Can You imagine my smile discovering this photo? I felt 100% confirmed at long last ...



Exodus14,7 The Canaanite Pharaoh took his Canaanite officers in charge of his 600 best chariots and all the Egyptian officers and their chariots to chase after Israel. They all were swallowed by the mouth of the earth or the sea. Hundreds of chariots, wheels, axles, and helmets are lying on the 200 metres wide 15 kilometres long undersea plateau of Nuweiba for 3600 years. On the first kilometer on both sides up to 100 meters deep (the rest is unexamined, the center is 800 meters deep) following photos of coral overgrown chariot wheel parts with axle parts were made. They owned the exact metrics of contemporary chariot wheels and measured metallic consistencies at the exact locations of contemporary metallic fortifications. Future official archeological examinations will find additional proving evidence and confirm previous evidence. Nuweiba is the only place with unrefuted evidence and science has no evidence being able to disprove the evidence. Enjoy the documentaries on in English or on in German and on Here are some photos from the documentaries:

chariot wheel with axle

wheel standing on axlerest

with exact contemporary chariot metrics

also on the Arab side

exact metrics of a 

chariot two wheels axle

photo taken of the electron/ goldsilver wheel

Reconstruction picture:
Pharao's Chariot Wheel

A column of fire & cloud 
came between them:
Egyptian beach 
melted(!) sand place 



This chapter gets more and more personal and thereby vulnerable, may Archangel Michael protect it from being discovered and attacked by the Adversaries of the Word of God regarding Matthew7:6.

When I started this work with the page "Who are the Hyksos?" my aim originally was to fulfill at least the scientific basic requirements while describing my discovery that the Bible says the Hyksos did enslave Israel in Egypt. This aimed standard level later decreased the more I understood that fulfilling just these scientific criteria ensured for a whole century a totally wrong dating of the Exodus over incredible three centuries away from what the Bible says and will in future also ensure further ignorance, misleading godless guesswork and future adversary attacks against the most trustworthy ancient history book. The Bible.

Only for truth seekers or people who think they are believers like I had thought for my whole life: For the following discoveries You should keep in mind my subsequent conclusion after having finished this chapter; The main poison responsible for the broken apart unity of believers in the G'd of Israel is the pitiable weakness of our small faith. The diversity of falling away from faith in all denominations since their beginning. What separates the three Christian denominational directions most are their different weaknesses of faith the successful attack efforts of adversaries. I call the most popular and effective weapon of adversaries of faith in my words 'symbolism'. The devaluation of biblical eyewitness reports, the Lord's words, and biblical historical realities that really happened, into reduced symbolic theological poetry. The most effective adversary poison is the claim the symbolic meaning is what really counts instead of if it really happened or even the bigger symbolic "truth" makes the smaller historical "truth" superfluous. This 'dualistic thinking' is the second weapon of adversaries to split and reduce faith in the almightiness of HIM. Their core target in the Tanakh the Old Testament is the Exodus, their bull's eye is the Sea Miracle. 

The adversary's core target in the complete Christian Bible is the very center of the Bible - the resurrection and ascension to heaven - the intervention of G'd into history and into the earthly laws of nature regarding (de) materialization, gravity, healing, life, and death. The miracles. These attacks always surrounded the Bible from both sides and most effectively have achieved falling away from faith regarding the first and the last book of the Bible but the goal remains the center, And they have achieved to concealed frightening extend the fall away from faith even deep within Christian denominations. For example, about half of all in Germany living active pastors and theologians have already fallen away from faith regarding the resurrection and ascension (Klaus Berger, Youtube Interview 24.06.2015). 

If every Christian would today humbly pray for and search for recognition of their own weakness in and falling away from the faith and with this aim then would study the other denominations faith the result would be the reunification of Christianity in repentance instead of the modern ecumenical increasing fall away from the faith. I honestly prayed about three years ago for the answer to the question if rather one-third or rather two-thirds of the Bible really happened. The discoveries in this work are only the peak of my received answers. 

If You now think it all can't be that simple then You are right; I also discovered that the truth is THE WORD has by no means a negative attitude towards sexuality but that instead I never had yet any idea of or insight into one of the most wonderful open secrets of my faith; the secret of TRUE LOVE between a man and a woman; the secrete of physical love being as wonderful holy as true love itself; the secrete of physical true love being a holy act of promise in front of God to stay true to this physical act of deciding to love this wife - through this act having become My Wife - for my whole life in caring responsibility whatever may come. 

Another discovery I made was how the anti-baby pill exactly really works with its one third abortion effect and thus that throughout my past modern lifestyle partnerships I had been a twentyfold unborn child killer throughout my life; murder motive fornication and debauchery; more precisely it was the discovery that nearly half of my life has been serving and sacrificing yearly one own unborn child to the deity or correctly demon Asherah or Aphrodite, today called, believed in and served as so-called Sexual Liberty Hesekiah14:6,18:30,33:11 2Kings17:13 Iesaiah31:6 Jeremiah3:22,18:11 Exodus14:25. 

Thus the moment might come for You to decide if living a lie may remain to be the better more attractive option. I can not promise to You the way to the truth will be an easy light way without real repentance and turnback Revelation9:21,2:5 Matthew3:2,4:17 Marc1:4 Acts2:3, And this work can only indicate a tiny little space of a slightly still open door to THE WAY for honest truth-seekers; And it is just about the way to an eternal happy life in full justness, peace and love - very simply put that's it. 

The only strict restriction is that HE only takes volunteers; and only free decisions in this life count. This freedom of choice is the biggest gift and the biggest challenge of this life. It is the meaning of this life because its consequence is eternal.

As You will guess the journey reaches a higher level now; While writing this sea miracle page I have discovered that my belief still has been too small to be able to discover the full truth and my trust in scientific rational thinking - often enough disappointed in my discovery journey - still has been sure enough of itself to stand in the way to the full truth:

I found out I was wrong being convinced only a half a kilometer deep collapsing seafloor of the Gulf of Aqaba in 1606 BC can mainly be responsible for the sea division, the wave walls, and the sinking of Pharaoh's army. I was so sure geological scientists will find evidence for this crack in the future and probably they still will but the LORD ADONAI definitely even did not need to touch the earth plates and open the canyon to let the sea miracle happen. He is not just that overpowering, he is thoroughly almighty! And by the sea miracle, he has glorified his almightiness on earth forever. My theory was incomplete regarding his overwhelming glory and thus incomplete regarding the truth. And I was not so much different from the petty belief windy ebb and flow lake of reeds theories of science than I thought. Instead - it all passed off in a significantly much more magnificent and glorious way ... 


I do know now Pharaoh failed to oversee the complete Nuweiba Beach when they entered from the dry river canyon so that he even missed seeing the complete people of Israel gathered on a deeper field at the beach. Pharaoh even had to let them search for them. This can be geographically evaluated and proven easily as soon as the land-sea mark of 1606 BC is clear at the point where the pillar of fire did burn the sand ground geologically evidenced until today (scroll back and check the last photo of the seafloor photos). Thanks to the miraculous power of the LORD ADONAI the whole people of Israel only needed three hours instead of the normal necessary nine hours to cross the sea within the Eastwind carrying them 'somehow' to the other side. Nine hours for fifteen kilometers while seven kilometers are showing a maximum angle up to 13% or 7,4° steepness comparable to a wheelchair ramp angle - this sounds still reasonable even for old people, mothers with children, and cattle wagons - but - hang on - three hours? Three hours are not biblically fixed, only the night, why on earth overachieving the hard enough biblical evidenced challenges?

A town on the Arabian side six to nine hours away was additionally destroyed by the floods that buried Pharaoh and his army. This town can be searched for and be archeologically excavated as proving evidence. It is the most plausible historical reason for the already observed engraved lower northern waves at the east end on the Second Sea Miracle Stela of Mycenae; The deeper field around the town at the east coast caused its flooding and thus the lower waves at the east end of the way through the Sea on the Stela. A "one hour wide" "wedge-shaped" path (= 5 kilometers) "into" the sea was passed by a maximum "fifty men wide" crowd of people (= 50 meters). The "huge water walls were curdled like jelly. They all went with hurrying steps tumbling forward like floating, like somebody who hurries downhill. Directly before Moses steps the water gives way leaving space in a wedge shape leading into the full dry ford behind him for the whole people of Israel." 

You may ask yourself now: 
Why on earth does he suddenly believe in all these uncredible details? 
Are they anyhow biblical at all? 
Where did he get all this from? 
Has he found any other eyewitnesses?

The answer will come soon after I have given You an interesting smile causing first visualization of the water walls "curdled like jelly":
The sea division in the 30th minute of The Ten Commandments Silent Movie of Cecile B DeMille from 1923 is very worth watching on; But why on earth should this movie sequence better match the sea miracle than the most famous impressing unforgettable 1956 movie version with Charlton Heston as Moses from the same director? One has to admit both different movies reveal the difference between the belief and thinking of 1923 and the consumption of religious excitement in 1956; But DeMille's world-famous second movie The Ten Commandments from 1956 and its sea division scene impresses and inspires Christians up until today over the whole world. On the other hand, the reader has to know that in reality 1956 Cecile B DeMille was already convinced by scientists that his unforgettable shown sea miracle actually never could have taken place that way and that in fact, it would have been a natural overviewable lake of reeds with wind supported ebb and flow near the Egyptian border - not the one supernatural unique real Sea Miracle in human history to demonstrate unforgettably the almighty power of the One and Only G'D of Israel and all men forever; Just an overviewable lake of reeds, some wind, some ebb, some flow and a lot of biblical symbolic language not so meant to be like it is written.

Now comes the challenging background of my change of heart and mind: It goes back to get some other thoughts during my research work - I read the book "The discovery of the Holy Grale" by Michael Hesemann and now I am keeping an eye out on a copy of the most important part of it, a red kosher Passover suitable achat stone cup 2,5 reviít capacity over 2000 years old (picture above). The fantastic secret of the Holy Grale search is that only as a real believer You are able to clean the Parcifal story from the pagan legends veiling the truth consciously. Then You are able to reveal the real Spanish history behind it; Then Parcifal turns out to be an adventurous real treasure map through the Spanish ruins of the middle ages where the Holy Grale was hidden for centuries and a believing historian is able to find it and experience similar exciting adventures like Parcifal. Antichristian Nazi Himmler was only believing in the occult and pagan myths of Parcifal and thus was searching in the 1930s in vain in the Pyrenees for this Grale in the wrong places. Reading all this I remembered my growing faith being the real key to all the given discoveries I made...

Then I remembered one of my most challenging achieved levels of faith again - the challenge of reading and trusting the eyewitness reports of the Jewish Beatified Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick's ghost rapture experience-based time-travel visions. Everybody who has watched Mel Gibson's famous Movie "Passion of Christ" 2004 does already know one of her eyewitness reports, the film is completely based on them as far as showing more details than the Bible describes. (first check her in before you check Wikipedia's usually antichristian disinformation) It is amazing how many archeologically discovered ancient oriental daily life artifacts were excavated after her death she had beforehand already described in a perfect accurate manner as a 19th century plain country girl only able to speak her country dialect. I read her observations of "The 3rd teaching year of Jesus" to search for any descriptions of the upper cup of the Holy Grale. According to blessed Katharina, it was not only the Grale of the Last Supper but also the by Essenians out of the arc of the Covenant saved Grale Melchisedech gave to Abraham sacrificing Wine and Bread. I only found a precise description of an oval plate, the lower part of the Holy Grale, used for the heavenly bread or the fish in honey with the LORD on Easter Monday. Then on page 127 I surprisingly discovered her spiritual time travel observations report of the 22nd of May 1823 AD on the Passage through the Divided Sea 1606 BC: 

I read through it and - ... - I felt so beautifully enriched and on the same time ashamed in front of my LORD; Now I could not build anymore primarily on my recognized obviously small faith-based sole scientific explanation attempts regarding the sea division: I decided now to trust much more in an overwhelming explanation and description, glorifying the Lord more adequately in his almighty power than any of my explanations ever could ..


I tried to inwardly imagine and visualize the picture and it took me some time until I saw in my mind what blessed Katharina saw talking about the huge water walls which "congealed like jelly". I double-checked my vision by watching astronautic YouTube videos of water behavior in weightlessness .. And there it was: Her water .. looking like curdled or congealed and moving like jelly! When the LORD sheltered his sea crossing people in a huge long bubble of weightlessness to a certain extent and his east wind pushed them through, the complete described scenery suddenly made sense and I observed a much more heavenly, peaceful, miraculous scene without the earthly brutal power of externally downrushing whirl wave walls at both sides of the path. The scenery was even more peaceful, beautiful, wonderful, and at the same time gigantic as ever read; Blessed Katharina even observed how many things were beautifully reflected in the mirroring walls of water between the two pillars of enlightening fire through the night...

My brother as an ex-surfer explained to me that You may sometimes see a fish in the swirling waves but that the waves are by no means able to reflect anything like a mirror. That is right. But now look at the pictures below... And when You watch the weightlessness space physics of water on

You will exactly understand the clear precise observation of the young girl from the country in the 19th century. Israel must have felt easy like angels and blessed Katharina said she would not be able to describe sufficiently the beauty of what she had seen. You will have to find out on Yourself why geological scientists probably will find in the future rests of "Garden Islands" on the seafloor of the Gulf of Aqaba, it is too heavenly beautiful to simply write it down... If You ask now how HE made this huge bubble of weightlessness to a certain extent possible I can only answer if you had asked me the same question regarding weightlessness in a plane one hundred years ago I would have been just as incapable to give an explaining answer as today. But the LORD ADONAI IS capable to make even tremendously much more possible; He CAN materialize and dematerialize ANYTHING; From the planet earth itself over the Garden Eden over thousands of loaves of bread and fishes up to himself walking through walls and then eating a fish and he can create spaces of weightlessness as tiny or huge he wants to let You walk through or over water or ascend into heaven. After Israel was saved and Pharaoh's army on their way got stuck and Moses held out his staff HE simply popped the bubble of weightlessness and HIS original common laws of nature did do the rest. HE even was able to let both pass overlapping.

A) Congealed Water in weightlessness         B) Reflecting Water in space

C) Curdled Water frozen


I wonder if one of our elder Jewish brothers after he had listened to me would have told me to calm down again because what I think enthusiastically I would have newly discovered via my 'strange' ways regarding the water walls of the divided sea would be simply basic knowledge of any good jew since thousands of years; I wonder this because it was amazing discovering more and more biblical confirming indications, observing the scripture precisely:

Exodus15:8 literally translated says the waters piled up, were heaped or aggregated (ãram) instead of a sudden massive flooding movement. Then the Bible says the flows or streams stood or stood up (nãsah) like a dike or dam, the floods congealed or curdled in the heard of the sea. This is definitely no description of inside-out whirling huge waves solely caused by a sudden huge fall down of the sea level. The Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB) says "the waters 'mayim' were gathered together, the floods stood upright like a stack, and the depths (tehemot) were congealed". A contemporary English translation (CEVDCI) even says "the ocean depths curdled like cheese" probably not completely understanding what is meant but translating admittedly in uncompromising faith.

A 100% naturally physically explained sea division would have needed a clear separation between first Israel finishing their passing over and then afterward Pharoh's army being buried by collapsing earth and floods. But a supernatural phenomenon like the abolition of gravity to a certain extent would not need this clear separation. The overlapping of the two events then is also thinkable: In Exodus14:29 first the sinking army is described and second the finishing passing over of Israel. Modern translations separate both events clearly by describing Israel's passing over after the described sunk army explicitly in the tense past perfect in order to clearly indicate this was already finished. Older and original translations do not. They use the simple past tense and are not clearly separately putting both events in "right" order.

Exodus14:16,22: The Bible emphasizes two times explicitly Israel going into the middle of the sea instead of simply saying going through the completely divided sea. This also indicates the sea division being not a finished act when they started to walk but being an evolving process like precisely described in blessed Katharina's observations.

Exodus14:27: At last to bury Pharaoh's army under its water the Bible emphasizes that beforehand the sea had to come back to its flow or stream. This is again confirming the water during the sea division by no means being in a flow or stream but instead being a wall of nonmoving water. 

Now finally once more Katarina's three key observations: 

"Huge water walls were curdled like jelly." 

"They all went with hurrying steps 
tumbling forward like floating, 
like somebody who hurries downhill."

"Directly before Moses steps the water 
gives way leaving space in a wedge shape
leading into the full dry ford behind him
for the whole people of Israel." 

Beforehand convinced of my most deep faith and fixed in my scientific rational attempts to explain the sea division I was at first annoyed about Wikipedia using this 'naive' middle ages depiction to convince the reader unconsciously of the mistaken naivety of believers in the Book of Exodus. Now I recognize how poorly naive and petty my cave of rational scientific beliefs still has been and admire his faith and how much closer to the truth this middle ages artist was than me in the first half on this page.

This supernatural revelation and explanation of the Sea Miracle does not exclude the previous geological physical discoveries and explanations. Dualistic either-or-thinking has already many times turned out to be a narrowed thought construct and just another trap in small or weak faith thinking. I have learned by this challenging last received discoveries that in case You are a believer, whenever You do not know how to decide what option to believe,


Always decide for the one MOST glorifying Your LORD.
He will NOT let You down. 

"But ADONAI's share was his own people, Yaakov...
He found his people in the desert country...
protected him and cared for him,
guarded him like the pupil of his eye,
like an eagle that stirs up her nest,
hovers over her young, spreads out her wings,
takes them, and carries them as she flies.
ADONAI alone led his people; no alien god was with him.

He made them ride on heights of the earth

Moses' Hymne
D'varim Parashah 53: Ha'azinu Deutoronomy32:9
Genesis5:24, 2Kings2:11, Matthew14:29, Acts1:9

I say goodbye to You with Paul's and John's call

"Prove all things, hold fast that which is good." 1Thess5:21
"Test the spirits to see whether they are from God" 1John4:2

Enjoy Your journey,
may the LORD ADONAI bless You,
Search for the Truth and follow the Way

Your unworthy slave of Hashem, Ha Mashiach & Ruach HaKodesh


- The Veil Removed -

"My Lord and my God."